Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My first post.

So I was encouraged to write this as my online diary about my life which is apparently interesting to some people.

Just to get things started, as I write this I'm still living at home and am not in a poly relationship. But on Saturday, February 21, 2009 I'll be moving in with a poly family and will be seeing what this life is like from the inside. As this goes along I promise to write all the meaningful things that happen along the way.

I'm 18 and currently living at home, going to a community college, and I found myself missing something in life. I wanted the loving family I didn't have at home, I have an aching deisre to have children, and I just don't like guys my age and a regular marriage just seems empty to me. So about a month ago I posted on a site that I was open to poly and a family contacted me and I visted them and we had scads of emails and lots of phone calls and then I accepted when they asked me to move in with them.

I'm not so sure about putting their real names on here so I'll just describe them for now. The legally married couple are both 44, the second wife is 28, the couple's daughters are 15, 12, and 10 and the second wife has a 1 year old boy and is expecting a baby real soon. Part of why I'm moving in is to help with the babies.

Mr. 'Smith' is really very nice and wonderful and is totally no pressure. I'm moving in and he's saying that anything that happens will happen in it's own time or not and that it's all up to me. I believe him on this and will just roll with it.

I may come back and add more to this but this is all for now. I've been writing a LOT tonight.

- Megan


  1. You seem a little young to be getting into a polygamous relationship with a man who could be your father.

  2. Just curious. What site did you use?