Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's been a pretty amazing couple of days and today was a lot of fun so far. I was up early as usual and then Steve took today off to stay home and after breakfast took me to get me some work jeans and a pair of boots. We had a nice time and got to talk about the new baby and how exciting this is. On the way back he held my hand a little and was really sweet.

After bedtime I was in with Christie talking and got to see her breastfeed Emily. Christie just looked so loving with her little girl it was hard not to cry. She told me that a newborn has the softest skin she'll have in her whole life and it is really special to get to hold a baby when they're so new. I got to hold Emily after Christie was done and it is true that she is the softest person I've ever touched.

My post yesterday had a lot of me being upset in it and I guess I regret being upset but I don't regret what I said.

I have to go and will be back on here later.

I didn't mention earlier that Steve says we have to talk to the Pastor on Sunday about what my plans are here. The church doesn't like single women staying in a house for too long because they think it causes trouble.

My jeans are not fancy but just plain work jeans called Carharts. Steve says my old hip huggers won't last ten minutes out in the barn and he's probably right.

I think I mentioned yesterday Eric being moved into my room for me to take care of 24/7 and I know it's just been a day but it's like having my own little boy all day long. As soon as Christie is back on her feet Eric will be moved out again but for right now this makes sense.

It's been just a week and I really feel like a part of this family now. I got to see a baby born and they depend on me to help out and Christie says I can driver her car if I want to. It's like having this total family I never had before. I wish I could say how much this makes me so happy but it seems like the words are not enough.

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