Saturday, February 21, 2009

I finally have some free time. Yay! There is an awful lot to do here all the time and it caught up with me last night and I didn't have time to email anyone really. Friday night is movie night and last night we watched the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. It was a lot of fun to sit with everyone and watch the movie. They have a big flat screen TV which is funny because everything else is so old fashion and then there's this new TV.

It was a lot of fun because everyone gets in their pjs and we had blankets out and were all cuddled up.

I get to use real first names on here now so let me say this before going on. It makes it a lot easier on me because I couldn't keep somethings straight. So Andy is actually Steve, Debbie is actually Shari, and Lori is actually Christie. Steve said this was okay but I just have to not write things that tell people exactly where we live. Which makes sense.

So I cuddled up with Lauren and Hannah and then Steve was cuddled up with Shari and Stevie and Christie had Eric with her. It was a lot of fun and I know I keep saying that but it's true! Christie gave me one of her flannel nightgowns and a robe that she can't fit into right now (she is REALLY big with the baby) and it was nice. I have sweats which I wear for pjs and those got put away since they're not allowed. After the movie Christie had me come to her bedroom to talk and we sat in her bed and talked a lot and I didn't get to bed until midnight which didn't used to be late for me but it is now! It's really easy to get used to going to bed at 9 every night.

This morning we were back up at 5am for breakfast and then I was out helping the girls to feed the horses and put out hay for the cattle and my sneakers are being washed because they got all muddy. Steve promised to buy me some boots on Monday. I had some time to play with the girls and now I'm on here before lunch which is just sandwiches today so I don't have to do too much for that.

Steve wants some time to talk to me later and I know it's a good thing but it makes me nervous wondering what he wants to talk about. My dad called last night to see how I was doing and says he will come see me when he can. I told him everything was fine and that it was really nice here.

I will try to update this later if I have time. Right now I need to do email while I have time!

Steve and I got to talk for a while and we had a nice time. He asked me how I liked things and if this was what I was looking for and I told him that it's been wonderful having so many people smiling at me and happy to see me all the time. I'm used to there always being something going wrong and someone upset but seeing people happy all the time is just new for me. He laughed and said it isn't like that all the time and sometimes the girls fight and he says it's not all wine and roses with him and Shari and Christie all the time. He told me that it isn't a fantasy but a real family with real problems and I just haven't seen them yet because I'm still new and I'm not seeing all the warts. Then he asked me how I felt about him and I said I liked him a lot and he asked me if I could love him and I said yes. He said that was great and that he thought he was going to love me too. He asked me when I thought I might kiss him or was I going to be his new adopted daughter and I asked him if this was important right now and he said no it wasn't and then he said he was sorry for asking. I don't know why but that made me want to kiss him so I did. He was pretty surprised and said it was good to have that cleared up but he still wanted to take things slow.

My heart was doing 100mph after that and when I came back to the kitchen Shari asked me if I was okay and then Christie says "You kissed him, didn't you?" and I said yes. Both of them smiled and said that was great but then they both said like Steve that we need to go slow and not rush into anything.

Christie asked me to come sleep in her room tonight so we can talk some more and she said she wants someone close with the baby coming. I asked her if she thought the baby was coming soon and she said she could feel something different like before when she had Eric so she said it might be soon. The baby is due next week anyway so this would be okay she said.

In a little bit I have to go help with Eric but I wanted to get this in here. I won't be writing tomorrow because it's Sunday and it's reserved for family time so I will write again on Monday if I have time.

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