Thursday, February 26, 2009

I finally got some time to myself! Yay! It was a REALLY busy day. Steve went back to work and Shari had the girls back for school. I did the lunch on my own and I took care of Eric. Christie had me take Emily a couple times too so I got to see what two babies at one time is like. It's a lot of work and it was also really special to get to hold Emmy so much! She is SOOOOOO cute and when she smiles you just want to cry she's so pretty! Christie is really blessed to have Emmy.

I promised someone I would pay better attention to paragraphs and I will try to keep my promise! (-:

Okay, so I also got the laundry caught up on my own and that puts me ahead for Saturday when my mom comes to visit. That sounds so simple to say I did the laundry but laundry for nine people is NOT simple! Three loads of towels, two loads of whites, four loads of colors, and then a 1/2 load of kitchen towels! Then I had to iron Steve's shirts and pants! Shari said I had a Chinese laundry going and said I didn't have to do all that but she appreciated it.

I'm still working on fitting in better and getting used to things. Hannah came into my room really early at like 3am because she could not sleep and was worried about Eric. I put her back into her bed even though she wanted to sleep with me and this morning Shari said it would have been okay. Hannah is used to having more than one mom and Shari said she's just treating me like another mom and that's a good thing. It's been on my mind all day that I'm becoming like a mom to someone and it feels like a lot of responsibility.

I don't have a lot of time tonight so I have to go. Bye for now!


  1. Megan, I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it very much. You are on an interesting journey and possibly at a very important turning point in your life. However things seem to be moving very quickly, which is exciting, but should be a red flag for you.

    I don't know you and you don't know me but I feel compelled to give you one piece of advise.

    My advise is please - slow this down!

    You posted that one wife "asked me to be sure I was running to something and not running away from something and that I was doing this for the right reasons." This is very good advise
    It will take you time to find the answer to this and you should not make any commitments at all until you fully understand your motivation.

    Also, you said in an earlier post that Steve told you there were no strings attached for you to live there. Now, after a little over a week he is telling you that you have to meet with the pastor on Sunday and tell him what your plans are because they don't like single women staying in a house too long as it can cause trouble.

    You are young and somewhat too inexperienced to recognize that this is putting pressure on you and is attaching strings. You should not talk to this pastor that you do not know about your plans at this early stage. At this point, any kind of discussion should only be between you and this family and those you love and trust to give you good advise.

    You should tell the family this and that you will not meet with the pastor at this time, but if they want to discuss things with him, they can. For now you are in the early stages of getting to know them and just exploring a lifestyle that you may want to choose down the road.

    Megan, take your time. You are in a situation much like a mini vacation that has been fun and exciting. You witnessed the birth of a baby that has drawn you intimately into this family. However, do you really know these people? Have you ever seen them fight or argue? Do you really understand what it will be like to live their rules and wear the clothes all the time. Do they expect you to convert to their religion and can you do that? Do you really understand what it will be like to give up the world as you have known it and to live in a somewhat isolated environment long term?

    You have much to learn and much research to do about a poly lifestyle before you make any long term commitments. Take your time, you have plenty of it.

  2. I concur with the post dated 2/28/09 of CM. If this blog is indeed true, you moved into this way too fast.
    You are attempting to escape your past, and to recreate the family life you never had. Some day you will grow up and regret it.
    Running away from your past never solved anything.
    You will live to regret this decision. Not now, not next month, not next year.... but you will regret it when you are sitting in a nursing home at age 50 watching your elderly spouse deteriorate. I've seen this before.
    I sincerely doubt the veracity of this blog. It seems to be a puff piece to attempt to lure or recruit young women to this polygamous lifestyle.

  3. Of all the arrogance! You're entitled to your opinion, but fancy saying with such certainty, 'You will live to regret this decision. … I've seen this before.' Buddy, you have not seen Megan's life before. You have not seen her family before. You cannot claim to know her future.

    Incidentally, CM shares her thoughts and wisdom with a good deal of humility… And when Megan chose to ignore her advice about slowing down, CM remained supportive and loving. You could try learning from her example!

  4. @ Donald : call it arrogance if you will... I call it 27 years of clinical experience as a health professional, with two advanced degrees, and loads of common sense. Ever treat an elderly man who has a very young wife ?.... I have as a health professional .... the women are miserable, being required to be their husband's nurse at a young age, rather than his wife.

    Steve may be sexy now at 44... but in 25 years time, Megan may very well be pushing his wheel chair and changing his diaper. Not sexy for a woman just over forty. Hence the regret.