Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christie had her baby!! She had a little girl who is named Emily after Christie's mom. Emily is six pounds, three ounces and seventeen inches long and is so beautiful!! She was born at 2:36 am this morning the 24th. Christie had small contractions almost all day on Sunday and then more on Monday and it finally got bad around 10pm and the nurse came out to help. I got to help and it was a pretty awesome thing to see a new life come into the world! Christie took the day off from her work but says she will be back to it tomorrow which is just wild to me! I can't imagine working for a month after something like that!

I had Eric all day and had my usual chores to do but I had extra help because the girls took the day off from their school because Shari was too busy helping Christie to teach. I moved Eric into my room and will be taking care of him for now so Christie can focus on Emily.

My mom is coming to visit on Saturday and she says she just wants to know where I am and what this is like. I am hoping it will be a nice time.

I'm getting a few emails from people concerned that we're like Mormons and I'm going to SCREAM if I have to see this BS anymore! For the last time we are not Mormons!

Things are the way they are here and I'm not cut off from the world at all. I can't believe people who read this blog think I'm cut off from the world. Think about it! If I were cut off would you be reading about it?

What really tweaks me is if I had moved out from my mom to be a lesbian no one would say anything. But if I want something that is making me happier than I have ever been in my whole life then it must be wrong for some people.

Believe it or not I've been told that I am doing the wrong thing here because:

  • I won't be able to have meaningless sex with lots of strange men.
  • I won't be using birth control or be able to have an abortion.
  • I won't be able to smoke pot or get drunk.
  • I won't be able to live in the exact kind of crazy city I just got out of.
  • I won't be working at some awful job I hate for the next 50 years and then retire to the kind of life I have right now.
  • I should wait until I'm 30 to have children. (Why 30? What is so wonderful about being 30?)

I'm lucky that some of my really close friends who really know me are happy for me and they see me being happier. Carmen is even coming up here tomorrow after school to see the new baby and to see my new home.

Well it is 8:30 and I want to get back to Christie. Bye for now.


  1. Megan,
    I for one am glad that you have found happiness. Congrats on a new family member.

  2. I'm enjoying your blog -- the honesty and openness about an interesting life situation is delightful.

    I'm glad you're so happy, but I also understand the skepticism from some of the readers. Lots of groups we're taught to see as scary cults are superficially similar. Differences like you being able to communicate privately, and your parents visiting are important and reassuring.

    This arrangement sounds better described as polygamy than polyamory, doesn't it? Nothing wrong with either, of course.

  3. I think your situation is unique and happiness is important.

    One thing I would like to say though, I am surprised that your response to the question "Are you Mormon?" is anger and quick denial...

    Does it matter if you are Mormon or not? You are happy, you are surrounded by love. Being Mormon doesn't have anything to do with that.

    In fact, you could use it as a moment to teach - because official Mormon doctrine says poly relationships are not allowed anyway, so anyone that assumes you are Mormon is uneducated (and a little rude).

    I don't know. It reminds me of people being mad that Barack Obama might be Muslim - he's not, but does it matter?

    Anyway, good luck with everything. I hope you stay happy.

  4. I am sooooo loving your blog. I think what you all have is amazing.

  5. I was turned on to your blog by a girl on Open Diary and I am extremely interested in it and think it's wonderful you have found a family. However, I think if people believed you were trying to be a lesbian they would be more upset. I think you'll find that homosexuality is still considered just as bad or worse as polygamy.

  6. I found your blog while searching for poly blogs. I read a couple posts then decided, to get a full picture, I should start from the beginning...where all good stories start. Do you mind if I comment from time to time as I read from your very first post and catch up to where you are correct you? - I will answer any question you ask about me and my family too, in all honesty.