Saturday, February 28, 2009

The big news today was my mom visited the house for the first time. She was here about five hours and stayed for lunch and left around 5pm. She got to see my room and it was kind of funny to see her reaction to Eric's crib in my room! We talked alone for a while and she told me she was a little less worried about me now that she had seen that I was living in a nice place. She is not so happy about the lifestyle but says I could do worse so this isn't so bad. Steve took her for a walk and they talked and I think she was much better after that. It isn't hard to get to like Steve.

My mom says my dad is not going to come visit anytime soon because he's busy with his own drama anymore. I guess that's okay since we're not so close anymore anyway. But it was nice to have my mom visit. She did bring a few things I had left behind and that was really nice. The thing with the dresses was really something for her. She is used to seeing me in jeans all the time so this is a big change and she said she kind of likes seeing me look like a girl for a change.

Last night the movie was 'The Incredibles' which I brought with me when I moved in. Steve wasn't so sure about it but trusted me that it was okay and he later said it was a fun flick. During the movie he held me close and then when it was time to go to bed he kissed me on the lips and told me he was very happy to have me in the house. I said I was very happy to be here and I asked if he liked me and he laughed and said he was starting to love me! Wow! That meant I didn't get to sleep until late! (-:

Today was just busy time with my mom but I'm hoping to have more time with Steve tomorrow after church. I still have to talk with the Pastor tomorrow and that is starting to make me nervous wondering what that will be about.

Christie is doing well with Emmy and Christie was even out for a long walk this morning. She said she had to get back in shape and go do some exercise while the weather was good. We're expecting a big storm tomorrow so everything will be inside. I mentioned the church thing is here tomorrow I think. The other four families will be here this month and then next month we all meet at someone else's house. We did a lot of prep today for lunch tomorrow because we'll be feeding over 50 people! Some of the families have grandparents living with them so it's not like it's all wives and kids. I am told it will be a lot of fun.

Christie also says she wants to talk to me after I talk to the Pastor and I'm wondering what she has to say too. Yesterday she and I talked for a little while and she was telling me that she was not looking for someone to move up here when she invited me to come visit but now that I'm here she's pretty happy about it.

Shari and I had coffee yesterday morning and she was asking me if I had given a lot of thought to this now that I had been here a week and I said yes and that I wanted to stay. She thought this was great and hugged me and said she was between thinking of me as a new daughter and a younger sister and that it was easy to have me around. She really appreciated all the help with the chores because with Christie pregnant a lot of that was being done by Shari. Christie says on Monday she will be back to doing the lunches again but has to concentrate on her work while it is still tax season.

Is this all kind of boring for anyone? I'm writing this all down and I guess it might be like reading my shopping list to some people. Hope no one minds.


  1. It's not a boring shopping list Megan!
    I enjoy reading it all - especially the development of your relationship with Steve, and fitting in.
    Please continue to write!

  2. It's pretty easy to see, from your journaling how happy you are here. I love how I can feel the relationships growing organically. The openness, honesty, and commitment that is growing.