Wednesday, April 10, 2013

dreamgyrl360's questions...

Hey there! I saw your questions and had a quick second to answer them:

Can you tell us what your typical homeschooling time is like?

In the winter it's more structured since we are inside most of the time and then we do class at the kitchen table. Right now that means we have Hannah, Eric, and Emily doing their different things. Eric and Emily mostly work on reading and really basic math and Hannah has high school work she does. In the spring and summer we mix in a lot of outside things like trips to museums and parks.

What materials do you use?

All sorts of stuff for the younger kids. We get some of Hannah's books and stuff through Child Evangelism Fellowship. Not like they sell it all but they make recommendations for stuff we use. I used a lot of the things they recommended for improving my writing and math skills.

Children are a blessing! Do you guys ascribe to the "quiverfull" movement, or no?

'Quiverfull' is a pretty serious term for some people in the church and we don't use it. To me it is all the same because we end up having a lot of kids just like the people who do say they are quiverfull. The differences have been explained to me a couple times and to me it's like talking about Chevy trucks or Ford trucks and saying how they're totally different when they do the same things.

Just my opinion, okay? I see the thing is that quiverfull people have lots of kids because they say they're supposed to have lots of kids. And some of the quiverfull families like the Duggars have more kids with one wife than Steve has had with FIVE wives!

With us the big deal seems to be is that a wife having kids with her husband is a way to help her commit to her husband so when you first get married there is a LOT of pressure to get pregnant right away. You get pressure as a wife and your husband gets pressure too. We're patriarchal and the pregnancy thing is part of that, like the man is supposed to get his wife pregnant as a symbol of him being in charge. After the first baby there is still no birth control but no one is really on you about having a lot of kids. Some women take long breaks from sex so they can have time between babies and no one seems to mind that much.

I guess then we are not the same as quiverfull people but I can see how we would look like that to people in the rest of the world who just ever have one or two kids.


  1. I understand what you're saying about the women being expected to get soon after marriage. But what happens when someone is infertile? Is there a stigma? How do the women in that position handle that issue within your community? Thanks for your time.

  2. Hello! Congrats on another pregnancy! I bet ur house is lits of chaotic fun! I love big families.

    Do the women in your church primarily have sex for reproduction? Do you ever get to just for pleasure? Sorry if too personal, dont mean be rude bout it. Its just a conversation hubby and Ive had a few times.

    Do you cook/bake as much as u used too? Do you guys use crockpot alot? I think ive become a crockpot-aholic! =)

    Hope you update soon, I enjoy reading your posts!

    Thx, charity

  3. Hi, from Dale Kemp:

    Umm, Since I haven't identified what religious group your family are members of, I wonder about not using birth control. Do you have a religious belief about this, like the Catholic Church? Or is there some other reason?

    I hope this question isn't of a personal nature. D

  4. Hello,
    I have a quick question that I've been curious about: Are women ever looked down on if they can't have children anymore (due to health reasons or age, for example)? Does your religion perceive this type of situation as a punishment for the woman doing something wrong, or is it a "it is what it is" type of thing?

    Also how do your kids handle being in a poly family, especially the older ones? Do they think it's odd that their family is not the norm, so to speak?

  5. Hi, I was wondering if a women was able to have children but was told not to have anymore because of serious complications. If another pregnancy would cost the woman her life how would this be handled.