Friday, April 5, 2013

April 5, 2013. Answers to some questions

I didn't have much on my mind to write but there were some questions so I thought I would answer them.

Kitania asked for an update on the family and after some discussion in the house it was okay to post this much:

Steve is our husband. His first wife was Shari and they had three girls, Stevie (Stephanie), Lauren, and Hannah. Stevie and Lauren are moved out and they have husbands of their own and kids of their own now.

Christie legally married Steve after he and Shari divorced. Christie has four children, Eric, Emily, Renee, and Samuel.

Then there's Macy who has her son Jacob.

I have four children of my own, my twin girls Laura and Patricia, Daniel, and Malachi. I'm expecting another baby in late October of this year.

Cydne came into the family in November and is also expecting a baby around the same time I am.

I left some names out of this on purpose because I was asked to.

Then there were some questions put up by one of my anonymous people who like to troll me and hurt me. But I am going to go ahead and answer the questions anyway.

 So are you getting used to being a breeding cow?

We live on a ranch so this question isn't as bad to us as it would be to the person who asked it. Yes, I am getting used to it. In a way it is true that one of my big roles in life now is to have children. And I LOVE my children! Some people say that the more children you have the more you have to divide your love. That's not true! The more children you have the more God surprises you with your capacity to love more than you thought you could! Having my husband come to me and want me to have more children with him is such an amazing compliment! Getting used to being loved, loving more than ever before, and creating love is a wonderful thing no matter what you call it!

Like having his baby growing inside you as a reminder of who the man in the house is?


How does Cydne feel about being conquered by her new mate?

She seems pretty happy about it. And I'm happy for her and she's been an awesome addition to our family!

Sorry to cut this short but I have to go and chat with a friend!



  1. Megan, Good for you on the positive answers to negative questions! That's a healthy way to deal with the assholes!

    Marcus A.

  2. Yes, the picture up top is awesomely beautiful.
    I check into your blog probably every season and have been here since the beginning. I am so happy you guys are doing so well!
    I love that you all homeschool. Can you tell us what your typical homeschooling time is like? What materials do you use?
    We homeschool but there are only 3 children, here.
    Children are a blessing! Do you guys ascribe to the "quiverfull" movement, or no?

    Thanks again!