Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Update with Daniel

Forgive me if I make this short. Daniel was born almost four weeks early and he is having problems with breathing. It is better now but at first we had to have him with a humidifier and a machine to blow air up his nose all the time and now he can come out of his room more often. He should be okay after a while but it has been really hard for a while because he was doing a lot of apnea at first and it scared the hell out of everyone. We had to work to get him breathing a few times and he is on caffeine drops to help for now. The pediatrician says he should be okay in another month so we just need to get through this.

A prayer would be nice if you do that!



  1. Prayed and will pray. All the best, and congrats!

  2. Prayers for your little guy, you and your family!

    Thanks for the update.