Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 23, 2011

Daniel is doing good. We had him to see the pediatrician and things are doing good. He's 10 pounds 4 ounces and the doctor said that was a little slow for gaining weight but it should get better when we stop the caffeine. I really thank everyone for the prayers!

I had an older lady Donna visit today and we were talking about the church and how things are and we were talking about Providence and it is something I hear sometimes. So I asked if Providence meant something more to the church and she got into how it has everything to do with why there's no birth control. I did some reading and found out it is called Providentialism and it is also known as Quiverfull.

This came up on here a long time ago and back then I didn't know a lot about the church so I said it wasn't us. I am wrong and I apologize to anyone who had me tell them we were not Quiverfull. They don't use that word but it is still the same thing if you ask me.

It's weird because living it seems pretty normal but when you have a name for it then it starts to sound sort of strange.

It is something to think about.


  1. I am glad that Daniel is doing well. How is the rest of the family? Thanks for the update, your family is still in our prayers! :)


  2. Good to see the new baby is doing well. It's also good to see you have a husband who knows that a happy wife is at home with the kids.

  3. Ugh. Not all happy wives are at home.

  4. Megan honey, have you considered cow milk allergy? Some early babes get it. Usually have belly aches, but not gaining wt is also symptom. You may want to try dairy free diet while you are nursing.