Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Robyn's Questions

If Steve were suddenly not there (as in BigLove) would you wives all stay together as a family unit and raise your children together? Or is Steve what holds the family together and if he weren't there you would simply be single mothers and drift appart over time? Robyn

I am sorry but we don't get HBO. Christie bought the first season of Big Love on DVD and it was just too much drama. There were things in it that were just not right but I guess that makes a good TV show.

If Steve were not there then we are taken care of financially and at this point I think all three of us would stay together at least for a while. The church tends to want widows to remarry and maybe...? I don't know. I hope it never comes up. But with the three of us our kids tie us all together and I don't ever see us drifting apart.

Thank you for the really good questions!

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