Thursday, January 6, 2011

Okay, it is freaking cold!

The snow is mostly six feet deep around here and it's in drifts that are like sand dunes in a way. It's beautiful but not when you have things to do.

I don't know why, but I am just not thinking about a lot to write lately. Maybe it is motivation? Maybe I'm a little bored. Every day is more or less the same since Christmas so it is not like it is all that exciting.

I am always good with questions and I don't mind if anyone wants to post just random thoughts about stuff like global warming...HAH!!!!

Here's a prayer that you all have a wonderful 2011!



  1. I hate the snow. I think mostly because I have to drive in it.

    Are you a Republican?

  2. OH Hells Bells! I sent my first post half written and whatever...sorry. Anyway, really I wanted to say that you are a wonderful writer and really helped me to understand your journey, so far. Please, don't stop writing and don't underestimate your abilities because you are fantastic. So, you're bored, huh? Six feet of snow can do that. Have you ever seen the movie, Julie/Julia? I think you would love it! It's about Julia Child (the famous American Chef)and a girl who loves her work and writes a blog about cooking one of her dishes each day for a year. Great movie...she kinda reminds me of you and I think it's a true story. Maybe you should write a book!

    Well, I have a million questions but no time so I'll leave it there. Hope to post again, later.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Here's a question I've been wondering about for years:

    (First, though, let me thank you for posting your thoughts and observations "from the inside" of an interesting and vastly misunderstood lifestyle. I love stopping by from time to time to read your writings. You are a brave, intelligent person whom I admire, and it breaks my heart when ignorant, close-minded people post rude comments here. It's so sad that people can be so ugly toward a type of marriage that once was the world-wide standard, but fell into some kind of bad reputation due to false teaching and mind-poisoning.)

    I didn't mean for my parenthetical comment to be so long.

    I am a Christian man who actually reads the Bible (unlike the bast majority these days who claim to read and live by it). I am married to one woman, and have been for 21 years. We have three kids.

    Suppose I (and my wife) decided after much prayer and discussion that our family would be better with another wife in the picture. We don't live in a state with any noticeable population of polygamous households. How or where do we find like-minded people to even discuss courtships or that sort of thing?

    I know that there have to be nice women in the world who are looking for relationships like this, hoping to find a family where they aren't the first wife, etc. But how do the right people find each other? I can't just announce to random women that we've got an opening. It would be nice to be friends with someone and have that relationship deepen and the topic comes up in conversation, but I don't see that as a remote possibility around here.

    On a more general note, this whole scenario strikes me as sad, because we live in a twisted society where it's okay to openly say you're gay and on the prowl for your third partner this month (behavior that the Lord detests) but you can't openly talk about a form of marriage that He had no problem with through thousands of years, but which people seem to hate now.

    Any thoughts?

    (By the way, I'm a writer, and I find that in the winter months I get the itch to write more, also. I think it's an ancient instinct or something. It's too cold to work outside, so you start to crave reading a good book near the fire, or writing one - indoor activities.)