Monday, January 24, 2011

Alice's Questions

How is the quilting coming along?

Pretty good. I finished a quilt with chickens for my bed and then did another with US flags on it for Steve's Christmas present and it was fun! I do it when I am watching TV or just sitting and talking and it keeps my hands busy. I never got why some people do it but it is relaxing and sort of addictive so I get it now.

How are you feeling with this pregnancy? Are you extra tired?

I'm doing better than with the first one. This is soooooo much easier just having one baby! I get tired but not too bad.

You haven't shared recently on the blog about what your little ones are doing now. Are they getting around well on their own? Do they have any words or specially little cute actions that make you smile? You had said that you were going to have to start out sleeping together. Are they still sleeping together.

I got turned off talking about them because of some of the hate mail I get. Just figured why share something nice when some assmonkey will try to make something bad out of it? The girls are doing fine and Patty is still ahead of Laura. Laura is still the quiet one and she's a mommy's girl and Patty just loves everyone. It's pretty cool to see them so different already. They sleep together and it's funny that Patty fusses if she isn't put down with Laura so we keep them together. are the chickens doing? I'm curious, about how many eggs are you getting each day right now? How does that number compare to what you got during the Summer?

The chickens are doing really good. My big surprise was finding a hen with eight chicks in the wood pile outside the barn. It is freaking COLD out so it was a miracle she kept them all going. They're all inside now with the other birds. I get about five dozen eggs a day now and I sell them to one restaurant now in town for $5 a dozen. That sounds like a lot until you figure gas and all and the restaurant likes the eggs because around here most eggs come from like Kansas and you just get the white ones.


  1. I have really enjoyed the insight you have given into your life, it's really quite a courageous thing! I wish you'd write more often, but life happens!!

    Now that you have been married a while and with baby #3 on the way, how has your love changed (if at all) towards Steve and your sister wives?

    Is this the life you imagined for yourself and how has it changed you being poly.

    Keep up the great writing!! :)


  2. I'm glad to have found your blog. Please keep writing.

  3. I just wanted to throw out there that brown eggs are so much more fun than plain ol white eggs.

  4. I have just found your blog. My father was a polygimist with 4 wives but my mom was not one. Sometimes I wish she had been. His wives were awesome women! Please keep writing and forget the "Haters"!