Saturday, August 14, 2010

"Sister Wives" on TLC

The Learning Channel has a new TV show called "Sister Wives" that they are putting on this fall. I think this might have been the same thing they wanted my family to do. I posted that email on here I'm pretty sure.
We had my friend Carlee and her new family at the house yesterday and that TV show was a big subject. We all agree that the family on the show is asking for trouble because they have kids and the social workers won't be able to stop themselves from raiding the place like they did with the Mormons in Texas. I can't imagine putting my family at risk to go on TV but at the same time I hope the message gets out that poly is just another way to live and love but with a lot more laundry!

Steve and Christie are going to get legally married soon before the baby comes, like next week. They are just going to go to town and do it because they are already married in the church so there won't be a big deal with the church but we will still have a little party at home for them. We all talked about it and Steve and Christie were sooooo cool about it! It was really sweet that they wanted to make sure Macy and me felt okay about it but we already said it should be Christie to be the one married to Steve. It really is okay with us our big thing is we just want someone married to him just in case we need someone to be married to him like if he is in the hospital or something.

The one thing I saw on TV with this Sister Wives show was a interview where the new wife said she fell in love with the family first and then fell in love with the husband. Wow! That was exactly what I said too! It's nice to know someone else has the same kind of feelings and that makes me feel not as weird as I feel sometimes.

I had to look and see if we get TLC and we do so I will be watching that show when it is on if I have time. I watched four episodes of Big Love and stopped watching because it was just a crazy soap opera and the poly thing was so unreal in it.

The chickens are doing really well. We had another bunch of coyotes around their coop and this time Steve got three of them. The thing was the chickens were all freaked out and some of them lost a lot of feathers flying around and all. They will be okay but I don't like them being freaked out. Another thing that came up was the local butcher asked me this week when I wanted to start selling my layers for cooking and I guess I have to think about that. When they stop laying it will be time for them to move on but I have a couple special ones I will keep no matter what. For now they should keep laying for another year or so and I will worry about that then.

Someone asked about heating the chickens coop in the winter and Steve's plan is to just tow their trailer into the barn and let them stay in there. The coop gets pretty warm on its own with all the chickens in it and if it is out of the weather they should be okay. And then the barn has a heater that won't let it drop below 40 so that will be all taken care of. We're supposed to get really cold weather so I am worried about that but then I am also excited because this will be my first time living in snow and I hope it will be fun.

That is all I have time for and I have to go. Have a Happy Weekend!

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