Friday, August 27, 2010

Ollie & Charmed's questions

Ollie asked these things and the questions are not so bad really so don't anyone get all upset okay?

1. Are you liking sex more now?

Yes I am.

2. Is it still scary when your husband is trying to impregnate you?

Sometimes it is. I mean it is hard not to think about what it means but most of the scary stuff had to do with being a mom for the first time and that is over with so it is not so scary anymore.

3. Are you looking forward to being pregnant again?

Mostly yes! I don't know how to explain it but I really liked being pregnant at least until like the last month or so and I am hoping it will be easier when it is just one baby and not two.

4. Do you still have regrets about joining a poly family?

No, I love my family and can't imagine anything different now.

5. Ever think you might leave like Shari did?


6. If you did would you want to be in another poly family or would you want to have a man of your own?

I don't want to leave so this is not something I've really thought about.

7. Is sex satisfying for you? Do you have orgasms and do you ever initiate sex with Steve?

Yes, sometimes. Yes. and Yes.

8. Do you still have other women contact you about joining your church and poly community?

Just one or two this year. So it is not like last year when some of them actually contacted one of the pastors to see about doing this.

9. Now that Shari is gone are you wearing sexier clothes around the house?

Not really sexy but more comfortable.

10. What's your favorite clothes to wear?

I'm looking forward to winter and wearing a robe and pjs!

11. Ever think you will take a regular job?

I really hope not.

12. Are there any movie stars you like? If so, who?

Anne Hathaway. I loved her in The Princess Diaries and in The Devil Wears Prada. And Matthew McConaghey!

13. Favorite movie?


14. If Steve were to introduce you to another 19 year old girl he wanted to make his wife what would you tell her?

Steve is not going to do this but I think I would tell her the truth about what all this means and that it is not a fairy tale life.

15. Think you might be jealous of a new wife?

Definitely. I don't know how I wouldn't be.

16. What's your favorite pizza?

Ham, pineapple, and bell pepper.

17. Does your church allow alcohol?

Yes, but we are not allowed to get drunk.

18. Do you love Steve? I mean do you love him as a lover?

Sometimes I am all mushy for him but most of the time I am just happy to have him there.

19. What do you miss about California?

Not driving 40 miles to go shopping.

20. What do you like about your new home that you didn't have in California?

Peace and quiet, no crazy people on the road, no one staring at you when you go shopping, people say hi to you all the time here and no one even looks at you in California like they are scared to say hi or something. People are just a lot friendlier here.

August 27, 2010 1:03 PM
charmed said...

14. Do you and Steve, or Steve and the other wives, ever have date nights, like where he takes you out somewhere just the two of you(or them) to spend time alone? or is it pretty much the whole family spending time together most of the time?

We are not doing dates right now just because money is really tight and it costs a lot to go somewhere. I mean we are 40 miles from town.

15. Do you dress your girls in matching outfits?

No. I got some matching outfits for them as presents but I never have them in the same thing at the same time. I really want them to be who they are and not ever half of someone else.

16. Do you still run like you and Christi were before?

No. The roads are mostly gravel and it is too hard to run on them. We have a treadmill here and I use that sometimes but Christie will probably use it more after her baby comes.

17. Any regrets about joining your poly family?

The only regret I ever had was I wish I had taken things a lot slower. I was really stupid when I came here and thought it was a big fairy tale because things were so much better than with my mom and I rushed into things. I didn't have to do the wedding night and I could have waited but I wanted the fairy tale wedding night and was not really ready for all of that.

18. What kind of disagreements does your family have(if any) from time to time?

CHORES!!!! Chores are a very big deal around here because you have to figure out what you can't do when you are pregnant and then everyone else has to agree and then someone else has to do your work for you. Lauren and Hannah are not so big into doing everything since their mom left and then with Macy and Christie pregnant at the same time that means me, Lauren, and Hannah have a lot of the hard work to do and it is easy to get really tired of doing all that all the time.

19. do you ever get upset with your sister wives?

Yes, sometimes.

20. Do you ever feel jealous of your sister wives? and if so how do you deal with it?

Yes. When I was expecting the girls and had to stop being with Steve I missed him a lot and it was hard to know he was with someone else when I really wanted to be held and I got a little jealous. I just had to deal with it is all because no one was doing anything wrong and I knew what I was getting into when I joined the family. It is my problem and not theirs.


  1. Why can't Steve still be with you when you are pregnant? I can understand when your really big and it might be uncomfortable, but is there a reason he can't be with the wives when they are already pregnant? is it against the church "rules"(sorry I don't know a better word) b/c you are already pregnant and can't get pregnant again? I know you said before they don't want to separate sex from babies b/c they are connected and sex without the possibility of pregnancy means less(just paraphrasing). But is there a specific reason or is it just the way things are? can you or the other wives just ask to spend some alone time with him even if you are pregnant?

  2. Steve can be with us when we're pregnant but when you get down to the last month or so you might not be in the mood is all.

  3. oh ok, well i can understand not wanting to do that stuff when you are really late into a pregnancy.

  4. Here are my questions, if you are still accepting questions.

    What do the kids (mainly the older ones) think of the poly lifestyle? How is the subject handled with this kids? Do they have outside friends, and do they realize that their family is different/uncoventional?

    Do you guys make much of a distinction between whose kids are whose or are you more like one big family? Is it like the kids having 3 moms and a dad, or are they well aware of who their real mother is? Just wondered how that worked? (this is more in regards to the little kids)

    What is Steve like as a father to all the kids?

    How often do you have sex with steve?

    Maybe this has been answered before, but I can't remember. Are your intimate times always 1 on 1, or do you ever sleep with more than one sisterwife and steve? What is that like?

    I hope none of these are too innapropriate/personal!