Sunday, August 29, 2010

Morgan's questions

I will keep doing the questions because it's soooo easy to have something to write about! Here are Morgan's questions:

What do the kids (mainly the older ones) think of the poly lifestyle? How is the subject handled with this kids?

They grew up around poly families so they don't really ever say too much about it. They know they have choices in life so they don't have to do it and even if they did want to do it it takes a long time for a family to be able to do poly. They have to be debt free and all that. About half the kids from the church leave for college and don't come back when they are done and that is just fine with everyone.

Do they have outside friends, and do they realize that their family is different/uncoventional?

Not a lot of church kids have outside friends and it is just because most families homeschool.

Do you guys make much of a distinction between whose kids are whose or are you more like one big family?

Everyone knows who their mom is but I think the nice thing for the kids is they have different moms to go to for different things. In some ways we are the one big family but then in others we aren't. No one makes a big deal about it.

What is Steve like as a father to all the kids?

I wish he had been my father. I mean that. He is really good with the kids and he makes a lot of time for them and still gets lots of things done. I think he works out of town sometimes to get some rest because he is so busy when he is home.

How often do you have sex with steve?

Right now more than Christie because she is due pretty soon and is not in the mood and Macy is at about 6 months and is not always interested. Sometimes he just sleeps with Christie or Macy to be close to them and that is really sweet. He did the same with me before the twins were born. But lately I am with him more than usual.

Maybe this has been answered before, but I can't remember. Are your intimate times always 1 on 1, or do you ever sleep with more than one sisterwife and steve? What is that like? I hope none of these are too innapropriate/personal!

Sometimes we sleep together and that's mostly just cuddle time and maybe some kissing and it is really nice when it's cold out. It's nothing weird.

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  1. ok, I got some more questions

    Whats the hardest part about being a new mom?

    the best part(s)?

    I don't know if you ever mentioned this or not, but are your girls identical, or fraternal twins?

    do all the wives have their own bedrooms?

    do you still bunk together sometimes when someone else is with Steve?

    Favorite movie?

    Favorite song?

    favorite color?

    favorite food?

    when you have more kids and have a pregnancy with just one baby, do you think you might give birth at home?

    I remember you writing about Christi's kids swimming as babies, do your girls know how to swim?