Monday, August 23, 2010

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I had a few comments about Patty crawling and yes she is kind of crawling. Not like all over the house or anything but she can get up and crawl around some by dragging herself around. She's not holding her head up all the way yet and she isn't using her legs yet but I guess that will happen. Christie said Eric and Emma were not this early to crawl but our new doctor said it is okay and she's seen it before. Patty also makes little happy sounds and Laura is not doing that yet.

churchmusician said...
Just a few questions:

--Do you plan to homeschool your children?

Yes, at least until high school. I think I want my girls to go to a regular high school so they can have things like prom and all that.

--How do you like your new church?

It's really different and I am making friends but I miss the old church too.

--Can Shari's daughters see their mom and Stevie on a regular basis? (This is important to me, because I spent 11 years in a foster home and didn't have contact with my siblings.)

We have not heard from Shari in like 2 weeks and she has said she wants the girls to stay here. Stevie has not visited here yet but we plan on sending the girls to visit her when they want to go.

--Would you prefer for your daughters to be poly, when they're old enough to marry?

I want them to be happy and all of that will be up to them. I had my choice and they deserve and will have theirs. But my first wish for them would be to go to college and have a better life and have more choices than I did.

charmed said...
8. What is a typical day like in your house

Most of our days ARE typical! That was a great question! If Steve is not working then things start around 5am and it's usually me and Lauren getting up to get breakfast going and then Lauren goes out to feed the animals. Everyone else is up around 6am and has breakfast and after that I clean up and Hannah takes the four babies and Macy will help with dishes or she goes out to weed in the garden. Right now Christie just does what she can until she gets tired or she gets on the computer to work if she has work to do. If Steve is home he is usually out to town to buy stuff or he will ride the fenceline and fix the fence if it needs it. He also does a lot of work around here and the place needs it. It's a nice place but when it got foreclosed on it sat for a year and a lot of things got let go. Lunch is around noon or one depending on what everyone is doing and we all stop and have lunch and then it is back to chores and things. I like to take time after lunch to be with my girls and then in the afternoon I try to do some baking like bread or maybe a cake for dinner. No one really likes pies so I don't make them anymore. I usually start dinner around six anymore just because no one is hungry at five when we used to do it. Then I clean up and have time with my girls and then sit with the family for the evening. We watch more TV now and part of that is because we get Dish TV and there is more to watch but then it gets turned off at 9pm and most everyone goes to bed. 9pm to 10pm I usually stay up and have my quiet time if I can.

9. Do you still talk to your mom, what does she think of your life now?

We talk once in a while but she has a new job and a new boyfriend so it is not so much anymore and that is okay because she needs to focus on her life I think.

10. Do you have a Garden at the new house, like you did at the old one? and a pool?

The garden here is smaller and has to be fenced because of the deer and it won't grow in the winter because it snows here. We do have a pool and Steve might have to drain it for the winter. It came with a tent thing that's all messed up and it needs to be fixed or replaced but we don't have the money for that right now.

11. how many kids do you think you might want/have?

Four or five would be perfect for me but I think I will probably have maybe six to eight when I stop having kids. I mean it is just math to say that and I am okay having kids if we can afford to do it.

12. do you use disposable diapers at your house or does anyone use the cloth ones?

Cloth. We use separate washing machine and dryer for them just because it is icky to think about and sometimes they really smell. We use baking soda, vinegar, and a little bleach when we wash them and that takes care of making them smell fresh again. The diapers last about two months when you have to replace them. It is expensive to me but it ends up being cheaper than disposable diapers.

13. do you have any hobbies besides cooking, or regular household stuff?

I used to think this blog was a hobby but it isn't so much anymore. I don't always know what to write that I have not written before so sometimes anymore I just let it go for a while. I don't do email so much anymore and I am on Yahoo chat less and less. I am trying to read more but that is about it. I think I will try to do quilting this winter when we can't go out so much and that might be fun.

Thanks for the questions!

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