Monday, August 9, 2010

Chef Megan

I'm a chef! Yay! It is so cool to have something finished and to have something that can help me earn some money if we need it. You're not really a professional until you get paid to do something but it still feels really cool to finish this and to be more than I used to be.

Steve and Shari's divorce is final now and I will hear more about it today or tomorrow but the thing is that it is over and it is not like some drama that will keep going forever. I got a few emails asking how it went so fast and it is because the church makes people do legal things that protect everyone when a divorce happens and it goes fast with no arguments over anything because it is all agreed to when you get married. Steve and Christie will be getting legally married maybe in September or October and that is the right thing for everyone. Shari is in Portland and just wants a lot of time to herself so Lauren and Hannah are staying with us.

My Patty and my Laura are doing really well. They are on the bottle and soft food now and that made my trip and my life a little easier. Breastfeeding is great and all but you leak and that is a pain and then you can be sore sometimes and then I can't get a lot of sleep. Now I am sleeping and the babies sleep all night now but I still check them when I go to bed. It was sooooooooooooooo hard to be away from them this last week! It's like I went to California and left my heart here. They are doing well in weight but Patty is about a pound bigger than Laura and is more active. Laura is a doll and does not fuss or cry much unless she is wet but then Patty is the happy one who loves to smile all the time. I love them so much.

The chickens are doing good. We have a nice fenced area for them and they have their trailer for the coop still. We put a net over their fenced area because we had hawks coming around a lot. Christie shot a coyote on Tuesday that was out around the chicken pen looking at the chickens and scaring them. We hear coyotes at night but this was the first one anyone saw in the day and it must have been really hungry or maybe sick. Christie thinks it was sick and had Lauren put it on our brush pile and burned it just in case.

I have not checked email or anything but wanted to get this done first. Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats Meg! You're an inspiration, you really are. Continue on doing great things in life :)

    Glad to hear the babies are doing great. I wish my daughter keeps on latching; she's having a real hard time and that's I have to pump in order to get her to drink breast milk. I much rather skip the pump =/

    Anyways, take care and be safe!


  2. Hi Megan,

    I have enjoyed reading thru this blog, and I must say you have opened my eyes to some things regarding polygamy. I wish you the best and hope you decide to post more soon. I am praying for your family and for healing for all of your hearts on the loss of a sisterwife/wife/mom.