Saturday, August 21, 2010

Charmed's questions

Charmed responded first (thank you!) so here goes. Macey pregnant yet?

Macy is pregnant and due in late November or early December. I haven't written much about her on here just because I was getting too personal with her stuff. you think there might be another 4th wife sometime in the future?

I don't think so at least right now. It will be a long time before we have the money saved up that Shari got and things are really tight. And things are really good with all of us right now so why mess up a good thing?

3. how is Steve doing?

He's been okay. I won't say he is good because that isn't true but then he isn't all messed up that any of us can see. Part of it is he has been having to focus on work and I think that helps. are the Shari's daugthers handling the divorce?

Okay to not-okay. They feel abandoned and as much as the three of us try to love them we are not a substitute for their mom. To be honest I feel a little abandoned too because I would not have done this without Shari here to be kind of a mom to me too. are your twins doing :)

Patty is doing awesome and Laura is doing good but she is fussy sometimes and has been sick a little. I think they'll be fine but it is really clear that they are already very different little people. Laura is trying to make words and is ahead of Patty that way but Patty is much more physical and is crawling and Laura just wants to be on her belly all the time. I do know I love them so much and that they are everything I wanted to have in my children!

6.have everyone stopped wearing the dresses now that Shari is gone?

We wear dresses to church on Sunday but anymore around the house we don't. I will wear a dress in the yard sometimes to stay out of the sun but in the house I like t-shirts and shorts and pajamas.

7.what kind of schedule do the you all the wives have with Steve?

A schedule didn't really work out and right now with Macy and Christie both pregnant he spends a lot of time with me for some things but then he has to be with Christie for business and he likes to talk to Macy a lot. Christie says between us we make a really awesome wife! I think that's true and we're just letting things happen and not trying to force anything to happen. So far that is working but we can always do something different if we need to.

I'll try and think of more later, I'll try not to get to personal though.

Ask anything you want and if it is too personal I will say so but won't get all offended okay? (-:

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  1. how old are your twins? aren't they just like 3 or 4 months old? my 8 month old isn't crawling or saying words yet...that's pretty advanced.