Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome Patricia and Laura!

At 3:15 am on Thursday morning Laura Ellen came into the world at 6 pounds 4 ounces and 17 inches with red hair! At 3:34 am Patricia May came into the world at 5 pounds 9 ounces and 16 inches and with dark brown hair like her daddy!

I am a very, very happy mom! I'm a mom!!!

That is all I can do right now but will try to write more maybe this weekend!

I hope all of you are as happy as I am right this moment!

Megan, Patricia, and Laura!

Edit on Saturday morning:

The labor started over last weekend and I didn't know that back pain meant you were in labor! I thought it was just my back really hurting from carrying the babies.

Wednesday around 8pm it was time to go to the hospital and the nurse had me walk around saying that would help. Christie and Shari were with me the whole time and Steve got there around 11pm because he had to get back from business in LA.

Things got pretty intense around 2:30am and the OB asked me if I wanted the epidural and I said no. She said the babies were not so big that she expected them to cause me a lot of pain or anything so we just went ahead like that. When Laura started to come out it went pretty fast and I will say it hurt like hell!

She crowned around 3:13 according to Christie and once I opened up enough for her she came right out. She has these beautiful blue eyes I hope she keeps and she is a red head so I bet she will be so pretty! No one is really sure where the red hair came from and that has been a big joke here.

About 15 minutes later Patricia crowned and Christie says she just came out in like less than a minute. I guess I was already opened up for her so that was good. I hate to say I don't remember a lot with Patricia being born and I was all :huh: when they were saying congratulations to me.

I stayed in the hospital until Friday afternoon and all three of us were okay so they let us go home and it was pretty crazy having two babies on their first ride in a car! They were fussy and then the car started moving and both of them went to sleep and were so beautiful! I have both of them in the nursery next to my room and I am leaving the door open all the time. I decided there is nothing that sounds as wonderful as my babies crying.

Okay it is Saturday morning now around 7:30 and I have the girls in their basinettes upstairs with Christie and Macy and it is time to get back up there.

Have a nice day!


  1. I am genuinely happy for you that you've got two healthy little girls. Twins are especially difficult and looking at their birth weights it's pretty obvious they were born a few weeks early so you are doubly blessed! I'm sending out my good thoughts to you and look forward to chatting with you sometime soon.
    - Marcus

  2. Oh yay!!! Coongrats to you Megan adn your fmaily. You are truly blessed. Hope labor and delivery was everything it can be and I am wishing you a quick recovery, happy babies, and lots of sleep.

  3. Congrats on the babies! Good to know they're safe, healthy, and loved! So how long before you and Steve get busy on giving your girls a brother or a sister? (-:

  4. I was a very small baby (5lbs) and I was born right on time. Congratulations on your new children!

  5. Congrats. both birth weights sound good to me also. glad you had to healthy babies. although I think its weird someone is asking when you are going to start trying for more when you JUST had those two.

  6. Congrats!! I am so happy for you and your family. I wish you all the best in your new life as a mommy!

  7. Congratulations and blessings upon you, the new baby girls and the entire family!

  8. Congratulations Megan, what joyous news. The size of the babies sounds fine, my 1st born was over 6 lbs, my last was 8 lbs 12 ozs and he was 3 weeks early.

    You'll be a great mommy and I wish you the best on the move. If you're used to dry heat like they get in the Central Valley, you'll be find in the new state.

    Once again, Congratulations!

  9. Congratz!!! Your girls sound healthy and that is a blessing. Enjoy them while they are young b/c that goes by so fast. Take each moment as it comes and be the best mom you can be. You'll be a great mom!