Friday, April 16, 2010

New home!

It isn't done yet but our family has an accepted offer on a new place in another state so we will be leaving California. I've never lived anywhere else so this is another big change for me. My mom is not so happy that I will be about 1,000 miles away but maybe she will come to visit. The new place has a lot more land around it. We're going to have 1600 acres. About 90 acres is flat and can be farmed or used for pasture and the rest is some trees and hills and it is rocky but the best part of that is we will have a lot more privacy.
I don't think I said what started this and that was we had to put a water meter on our well because of some state law about water meters that the people in Los Angeles wanted. Steve says that when they bought this house and all the water rights were part of it and the local water people say that doesn't matter we still have to pay for the water even though we already paid for it. So Steve said that was enough of California and then Christie says that our cost to move we will get back in what we don't have to pay in state income tax next year because we will be in a state that has no income tax and right now California is almost ten percent for us.
The house we are moving in to is a log cabin kind of place and it is only five years old. The people there lost it to a bank and so it got sold.

The babies are fine. They are pretty quiet the last day or so and I have been getting some sleep which is really nice. When we move I am going to be at a friends house near where we live until the moving is done so I can be with the babies and all. We will be moving starting May 28 so I will be not posting on here for a week or two until we get moved in and all.

I have 128 chickens now. They are doing pretty good. I had a lot of chicks and some of them I would just find dead and that is supposed to be okay but I cried like crazy the first time I found a dead chick. I'm not much of a farmer. We will be putting them in their trailer and towing that to the new place with the truck and Steve says they should be fine.

Moving away means I am not going to finish cooking school like I wanted but the school says I can use their online stuff to finish online so I might start that pretty soon.

It's about 9am and time to get going so everyone have a Happy Friday!


  1. Babies? Your babies are here??

  2. No, but they move around and kick a lot and I can't sleep sometimes because they are so busy. It is nice when they are quiet cause then I can sleep.

  3. I just found your blog. Congratulations on your babies! I need to go to cooking school, I suck at cooking!

    I had a question, if I may: I know you could not get a legal marriage, what kind of marriage did you have? I mean, does the church do something in writing, like their marriage certificate or soemthing, but not legal, or is it all verbal? Just curious as to how churches do it.

    I used to be Muslim, and knew a few Muslims in polygamy. I almost got into it too.

    Hugs to you and your family!


  4. Anisah, we do a church marriage with a marriage certificate in the church. Outside of the church we just call it a handfasting and that deals with people who worry about legal things. The church says that marriage is a thing of the church so the government doesn't have a right to license it or anything and I have learned to agree. Everyone talks about separation of church and state and to most people that means you can't have any kind of faith in government, but it's okay for government to tell churches what to do. No one has to agree with this but it is what we believe.
    And I know a LOT of Canadian and American Muslims into polygamy anymore from this blog. Most of them seem pretty happy with it.