Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost that time

I have been having contractions now and then this week and the OB says I should expect to have the babies this week. She says the babies should be fine. I have my bag all packed to go and will probably stay in the hospital for at least one night if we can do a normal birth. I really do not want to do a c-section. Been learning about epeseotomys and epidurals and will probably do the epeseotomy but I don't think I want to be numb during the birth. The OB says I can change my mind if I want to and that is good.

This is all new to me and I know I make some of you LOL, but it is new to me. The worst thing in the last few months is having to pee ALL THE TIME. It will be nice to be able to go most of the day without peeing again!

I'll post something when I can about the babies but it might be a while.

For my friends who pray I want to ask for prayer for a friend. His wife is named Debra and she has this disease that has her in pain all the time. The name of the disease is four words long and I did not write it down but the important part is she really needs prayer for healing. Thank you!

Have a nice Monday!


  1. Megan, Best of luck with the birth of your babies. My words of advice as an L and D nurse is to not ask for an episiotomy. If you are going to tear ( I know tears a horrible word) then let it happen naturally. If you have an episiotomy the chances of tearing further are much much higher and it increases your risk of a 3rd or 4th degree laceration ( again I apoligize laceration is horrible when you are thinking of THAT part of your body.) Either way it is your choice and your body, Im just going to give you my educated opinion in that area. When you are pushing take your time, long deep concentrated, CONTROLED pushes is what you need. You'll do great. I'm praying for you and your friend. and I am sending lots of happy baby karma your way:)

  2. You and your friends will be in my prayers. You will be a great mommy. I know it is probably scary and all new, but it is going to be an awesome experience!

  3. As usually my prayers are with you and hope you will have natural births. How ever it occurs you will have a blessed easy time of it. Enjoy your experiance. The first is always the hardest and scariest but also the most gratifying.

    I will include Debra to my prayers as well.