Monday, March 29, 2010

Who wants to be on TV?

Why do so many Canadians care about poly in America? It seems like most of the reporters who write to me are from Canada. Since I don't feel like writing a lot right now I thought I would post this email I got today and maybe someone of you can help this guy? That would be nice.:

I work for Cineflix Productions, a television production company with offices in London, New York and Toronto. We are currently developing a show about polygamy in the US, and we would like to interview you and your family as part of our research. This would be for our internal use only, and would not be broadcast or used commercially in any way; at this stage we’re trying to determine who in the polygamous community might be willing to be interviewed at a later date as part of the series.

The show concept is not sensationalistic and we are taking a non-sectarian approach—we are interested in a wide range of communities, not just FLDS-affiliated families. An increasing number of Americans of all backgrounds, both secular and religious, are ‘coming out’ as polygamous and/or polyamorous, and this is what we want to document.

If this project interests you, kindly contact me by email or at either of the numbers below, and have a look at our website:

Malcolm Davidson
110 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor
Toronto ON M5V 2K4
416 531 2500 ext. 458 (8am – 6pm)
416 825 7285 (after 6pm)

1 comment:

  1. I dunno Megan....

    Why would a company that makes it's living off of making and broadcast various programs go through the time and expense of interviewing your family- And NOT broadcast it???

    As a company, They have to be a profit organization - If they don't broadcast or distribute it, How can they expect to get any "return on their investment"?

    While you may want to convey to the world about your lifestyle in a positive note (As opposed to all the negative publicity in recent times), I would advise you to steer clear of this "company". Something doesn't smell right to me...

    Hope this helps!