Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Things are going good. The last trip to the OB was all good news and she said May 22 is still looking about right for a due date but that I need to start being ready by around the end of April just in case the babies come early. The church ladies did a baby shower for me on Wednesday night and that was a lot of fun! I got so many baby towels it got to be funny! I must have like over 100 baby towels!

Steve and I had our first anniversary and he bought me a nice necklace and that was really nice but I wish I had more time with him. He is busy finishing a construction job so he is not home a lot right now and when this job is done he has another one to start on so we won't be seeing a lot of him until the winter.

Christie is way busy on doing her tax work and that is why I can't get to the computer so much. I used to be up late a lot but anymore I am just sleeping when the babies cry so Macy and Lauren took over a lot of taking care of Eric and Emily when Christie can't do it. I am sleeping a LOT right now and everyone says it is normal and okay but I feel kind of lazy.

We might be moving this summer. Steve and Christie are going to take a trip in April to go see some places and if it all works out we will try to sell this place and move there. I never lived anywhere else but California so this will be something really new to me. The reason for it is California is getting really crazy with taxes and they have some global warming law that will make Steve have to replace a LOT of construction stuff like bulldozers and graders amd trucks and it will be cheaper to just start business in another state instead of trying to stay here so it makes sense. The other thing is that we can get over 1,000 acres and a house for what we can have 20 acres and a house here. It will mean more privacy for us and that is a good thing.

I made scones for breakfast this morning and that was the first cooking I wanted to do in a while. We had whipped cream and lingonberry jam and coffee and it was really nice. It was our first day of the year to sit outside for breakfast and it was really nice. It is about 80 outside right now and it is just crazy how California goes right from winter to summer in one week! A week ago it was snowing not far from here and now it is hot out!

One of the ladies who is in the church and use to be Jewish is going to come to our house to do a Pass Over sader on Tuesday in two weeks (the 30th I think?) and it will be cool to do this. I don't know a lot about Jewish people and the way they worship so I am thinking it will be kind of fun. We got this really big plate for the sader and I want to hang it up in my room after we are adone because it is so pretty. My part is I will be making horseradish, cracker bread, and pineapple coogel for the dinner. I need to find a recipe for the coogel and if anyone has one I would love to have it!

Everyone is doing really good here and I guess that is all I can say right now.

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Hey Megan, I'm not sure if you got offended the last time I posted a comment about the dates you jotted down, but if you did I'm very sorry. That was not my intention. I just thought that I was the one that was going crazy -- that seems to happen to me a lot the further along I get into the pregnancy.

    I just wanted to clear that up and also say hi and I'm glad everything is going fine with you and the babies.

  2. I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well. Good luck with the home stretch of your pregnancy. I was wondering why we haven't had any late night chats lately. Good to know everything is going well!

  3. My Dear Megan,
    I like you had very little knowledge about the Jewish religion except that Jesus was born into it and raised as a Jew.

    Then our church at the time did what you are going to experience. When it was over my eyes were opened and I learned more about the Christian religion than I ever had and found how and why everything fits together. We and the Jews are linked far more than most realize and for eternity. As I have had my eyes opened and see how our Christian religion has been corrupted and is being lead astray is why I have stopped being a member of any of the organized churches. I have not found any of them that has stayed with their basic beliefs.

    Enjoy your Pass Over Sadder and pay attention to how it fits together with the beginning of the New Testament. You will come away from it with a new understanding of Jesus.

    Love Carl