Friday, February 12, 2010

A nice letter in my email

I got a very nice letter in my email from someone who really knows all the things I write even on another web site I got to sometimes. It really is amazing that anyone cares that much about what I write! Anyhow, she noticed that I am not always making sense in some things and someone else said that too and I accidentally deleted their comment. Sorry to whoever that was!
But what happens is I usually get on here late at night which is about the only time I have on the computer anymore and I just write stuff. I really need to read it before I post it but I don't. Someone suggested I need to let someone else proofread and edit my stuff and maybe I need to start doing that. Anyway I sometimes mix things up as I write them but I really do mean to write them down the right way. I'm doing this a lot more lately and I think it is because I am not sleeping so good right now so it will probably happen again. Sorry in advance.

I didn't think pedialyte would be a big deal but it was. The doctor told me to drink pedialyte or some gatoraid and we have a lot of pedialyte at home with the babies so I just had pedialyte. I felt better after that so it seems like good advice to drink that if you have diarrhea.

I'm still hoping one of the Muslim people who reads this can say something about hospitality and how you're not supposed to accept hospitality from someone if you don't like them. Anyone?

School is still going good. My grades are good and I am learning a lot and it is still a lot of fun. I am probably going to skip the last set of classes and take them after the babies come. The school said it is okay for me to do this and that will help because it is getting harder to stand up for a long time anymore.

I saw 'Avatar' last Friday at the Imax theater in Sacramento. It was pretty amazing! Science fiction is not really something I like but this was cool just for being so beautiful at least until the shooting started. This was the first time I was out to see a movie since before I moved here and it was a lot of fun. I went with two of my friends and it was just nice to be with them again.

I found out why Canadians are so interested in non-Mormon polgamy and it is because they have a big deal going on up there with a Mormon group (the article says they are FLDS but if it is wrong don't blame me okay?) and they have a lot of non-Mormon people who want to see polygamy legalized up there. I got this gay rights article in my email and it makes me wonder if poly could be legalized here if Canada does it?

That is all I have time for right now. I hope everyone has a nice weekend!


  1. I doubt that legalizing marriage for homosexuals would impact the illegality of polygyny. There is no literature indicating that homosexual marriage is harmful to anyone and plenty of literature showing that polygyny has a negative impact women and children. The only way I could see polygyny being legalized would be if groups open up and allow some researchers to actually find that polygyny can be practiced in a way that does not negatively impact women and children. I don't see that happening anytime soon, however. I think most people practicing religiously mandated polygyny know that they're causing pain but they want to be able to pretend that they don't.

    This is not intended to be an attack on you, Megan, it's just a statement of fact.

  2. Sorry, Rebeckah, but that just isn't true in all cases.

    I can find many examples of people who abuse food, but that doesn't mean all food is inherently evil.

    I can find many examples of spousal and child abuse in monogamous, heterosexual marriages, but that does not mean that all monogamous heterosexual marriages are inherently evil.

    Suggesting that the existence of malfunctioning polygynous families proves as fact that all polygyny is wrong is simply foolish and illogical talk.

  3. Hi there Megan, I didnt't know where to comment so I guess I'll just comment on your last post.

    I want to wish you a very safe (remaining) pregnancy. I am as far along as you are, due on May 31st and I'm having a baby girl. (Congrats on the twins, btw!)

    I was reading a couple of your older posts and I came to find that I have felt like you have at times and it's nice to know that I have found a blog that I can read and relate to! I don't practice polygyny (or is it polygamy? excuse my ignorance on the subject) but in other ways, I feel like I can somehow relate.

    Take care and be well!

  4. Hey megan,

    Its been awhile since you posted so I just wanted to see if everything was going well? How's the pregnancy? School? and Macy? Hope all is well!!

  5. Hello,
    I am muslim and i never heard of that rule. As Muslims we are supposed to be very hospitable with our guests, we should never make them feel uncomfortable, so I don't know where that rule is from.