Monday, February 8, 2010

Home sick

This was my worst night ever. I was in the bathroom all night and I am wondering if I ate something bad or what? Went to the OB this morning and she had me drink a quart of pedialyte and told me to stay home and go to bed. That is where I am going in a few minutes. She said it is not a flu but just something that should go away soon but I need to be careful that I don't pass out or anything.


  1. Why pedialyte? you are not a child, you should be replacing your electolytes with gastrolyte.

  2. I read your whole blog last night,lol.. I found it looking up information on that show Big Love. - Anyway congrats on the babies! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I sure hope you feel better soon. Pregnancy is hard enough when it's just one but you've got two in there and you're sick on top of it! Poor thing! I really feel for you.

    So what does everyone think about you having twins? There aren't any other twins in the family right? What about Steve? You mentioned before that he was leaning toward wanting a boy but you are having two daughters. Does he seam alright with that. From the way you've described him he sorta sounds like a go-with-the-flow kinda guy and he's happy nomatter what he gets. As long as they are healthy of course. :)

    I suppose motherhood won't be such a surprise to you since you've been helping raise Eric and Emmy. Almost like having twins all along. You really are lucky in that aspect as most of us moms were blindsided by the responsibilities of motherhood just after birth when we had no energy to cope with the stress.. Being a first time mom is pretty stressful in that way but you've got some experience so it should go smoothly for you. You've got extra hands to help too so that should make things easier on you as well.

    How do you like Macy being a 4th wife? I know your sisterwives didn't want a 4th so how do they feel about it now? How is Macy doing? She had trouble with the last family, do you think she'll have trouble with yours? The way you explained her reaction when she moved out made it almost sound like she felt like she'd been disrespected sexually by the last husband. I hope that is not the case. If it was, it sounds like Steve was the perfect antidote since he takes things slow and is so gentle and accepting.

    So you've mentioned a few times that if you'd known it would be this way when you first moved there you would have never moved there but now that you've slowly gotten used to it it's alright. Is it better now than you expected or would you say that the differences are bad?

    I know you are going to culinary school and I am really happy that Steve and your sisterwives are accepting of you furthering your education. Do you think you'll want to work outside of the home once you get a degree or are you doing it just for self improvement and to help cook better meals around the house?

    Sometimes your writing makes it seam like you all are secluded. I realize you live on a ranch and I imagine it's far from town but do you ever do anything kind-of "normal" Do you go to the movies or take the kids to the zoo? Have you been to the mall? Do you eat out at restraunts ever? I know you say it's paradise there on the ranch and I grew up in the country so I know how great it can be but I also know that sometimes it can get boring, especially with you knowing about everything else that is available to you. I had a hard upbringing too and I've seen what sort of horror large towns and cities can hold within their streets. I've experienced drug addiction and all sorts of other things but even with those experiences I do know that the city can hold some good things that if I weren't ever able to visit them would leave me feeling a bit empty. Museums, pretzle stands, zoos, carnivals, circuses.. things of that nature I guess. Do you miss any of those things at all?

    Well I'll let you go for now. I just noticed that your blogs had few if any comments so I thought I'd leave you one to show there are still people reading. I'm a pretty loyal blog reader too :) I've been reading one blog about a couple having trouble concieving for over 4 years... so you can count on me reading yours for a while. :)

    Hope you feel better!

    -Laura in Texas

  3. Take care of yourself and the babies. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. pedialyte is gentler and safer for pregnant women.

    many over the counter adult medications are not recommended during pregnancy

  5. Marie, some OBs tell their patients to take pedialyte because it's safer for fetuses. Atleast that is what I was told by my OBs when I was pregnant and was dehydrated.

  6. not true, gastolyte and pedialyte are not medication, they are electrolyte replacements, adult women need adult electrolyte replacement,pregnancy doesn't change that,I should know,I'm a nurse practitioner

  7. why do you delete my comment, I wrote that gastolyte and pedialyte are not medications,they are electrolyte replacements.Adults,even pregnant don't have the same requirement as a child,they would need gastrolyte.Pedialyte is not safer for fetus, that's non sense,I'm a nurse practtioner,I should know!

  8. Safaona, my OB said I could rink gatoraid or pedialyte and we have a lot of pedialyte so I just drank that. It worked so it seems like good advice to me.