Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stuff going on.

First, the picture I posted broke a promise that I made that I was not going to post personal pictures on here or share them with anyone anymore. I got in a TON of trouble for that at home.

What happened is Kaiser has a website you can log on to your account and see this stuff on and I was bugging someone to help me with it. She just pulled a picture off the web to make me shut up and she said "That's an ultrasound picture." She never said it was mine but I thought it was. I was totally not supposed to post it but I did and I also sent it in email to my mom.

Second, I put my family in trouble because I trusted somoene on Yahoo and told them more than I should have. So we had a reporter from Canada contact Steve at his work and she also talked to Pastor Jeff. I got in tons more trouble for that and for a few days I really expected to be kicked out and I am very happy that I am not being kicked out. The reporter interviewed some people from the church but not me and there might be a story on her news program. I won't be able to tell anyone if the story is about us.

Third, I found out that someone I kind of know on here by one name is someone I know in real life by another name and that has been weird. His posts won't be published on here anymore.

Fourth, I know a lot of you are upset with me about the picture thing and I am sorry. But everyone who wants me to prove anything I am sorry too because I never asked anyone for ANYTHING when I started this. It is just my diary of the way I see things and that is it. No one gets asked for money or anything and I totally will not take presents from anyone on here.

Fifth, my life is NOT perfect. Not all the things that happen go in here and not everything about my life before this is in here.

Anyone who wants to think I am fake is fine with me. I guess if all I post in here is the good stuff then that is fake anyway. I will try to be more honest in here in the future.



  1. Thanks for explaining. I was very curious. I hope all is well with the extra information out there and that things settle down for you now.

  2. You should really speak to Kaiser about that mix up, You might be able to press legal action, cause what they did was dishonest and might be borderline breaking the patient/doctor privilege thingy, cause they gave you someone else's ultrasound photo, which is a private thing.

    Also, everyone is gonna think someone is fake, you just got to shrug your shoulders and say, thats nice continue to think that way, cause I know the truth. You can't change the way people think or act, all you can do is let it roll off your back.

    Heck, I have people who think I'm fake and I just say, Meh, whatever. your free to think how you want and I'm free to delete your nasty bullshit from my BLog.

    So Just let it roll off your back, Heck ignore them and they will go away.

    NOW, you said you would answer the questions in the 20 question entry. I want answers! lol. I'm seriously curious about how Macy's old family feels about her being with you guys and how Pastor Jeff feels about it, cause I have an online friend who is in the same boat almost, except she left one brother and his wife to be with the other brother. lol. So just curious how Macy and her old family feel about it all.


  3. Megan,
    I enjoy reading your blog, but I simply don't understand you. You say:

    "I got in tons more trouble for that and for a few days I really expected to be kicked out and I am very happy that I am not being kicked out."

    You jeopardized your marriage by keeping your blog, and yet you are still updating that blog? There are some activities that one should abstain from entirely because they present a slippery slope. This blog is obviously one of them. There are other ways to write, besides talking about your marriage to an anonymous group of people, and then acting befuddled when things go wrong.

    You also said:
    "and there might be a story on her news program. I won't be able to tell anyone if the story is about us. "

    Megan, in relation to me, you are very young. But the common sense that is expected of a 19 year old, and your experience with the ultrasound should be enough to tell you that anybody can find anything they want online. Withholding certain specifics that you don't want others to know, after you yourself have laid all the ground work necessary for others to find out on their own is either blind, or just simplistic.

    If you are the person you say you are, then you are going to be a mother, and you really need to grow up.

  4. My Dear Megan,

    Sorry for all your problems and like you said your life is not perfect. Anyone who thinks their life is perfect is only kidding themselves. Life gives us ups and downs and sometimes more downs than ups. Sometimes those downs never seam to end and really test your fortatude. Hang in there because those downs will strengthen you and help you in the future, providing you learn from them.


  5. Megan, so glad to see you're back! I've read your blog for a while now and find it absolutely fascinating -- I hope everything is better now back at home.

  6. there is nothing wrong with only posting the good stuff in here. glad everything is ok, and i'm glad your blog is still here i do enjoy reading about your life.