Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2010 will be much better for all of us than 2009 was for so many people.

I think I had my best Christmas EVER this year! My mom came up to the house to have Christmas with us and she said she is really happy for me now. She says she can see why I'm happy with the life I chose here and she says she is looking forward to being a grandma. I think the part about the grandkids has a lot to do with my mom being more accepting. Shari said that her parents were not so happy about her marrying Steve but when she had Stephanie it all changed because they knew that if they didn't soften up they would not get to be around their grandchildren.

I'm about half-way with the babies and it is still a very big adjustment to me. The thing with the church wanting a wife to be pregnant makes a lot of sense to me now because once you're pregnant you really, really are going to be a part of the family and not leave. It is funny\weird that when you have the choice to leave it is not so big a deal but then once I was pregnant and that choice went away then it became a lot more important even if it wasn't something I wanted. It is settled now that I am a mother and a wife and I will always be one. It's peaceful to know this but I guess it is still a little scary to know that the rest of my life is all set now.

We had Stephanie and her husband to the house for Christmas and they were really happy. Stephanie is enjoying being a housewife and she is really having the best time being with her husband and I am really happy for her with that.

Christmas Eve was when Macy decided to take the next step with Steve and she is doing fine. It wasn't so hard for her because she had done these things before but it is a big commitment and she's like me not wanting to ever leave here but also being a little scared of the commitment.

Christie is doing good and is still looking forward to being a mom again and we're hoping she can do that maybe this year. Her busy time with taxes is already starting and she says she will be back at it on Monday and we won't see much of her until April.

My chickens are doing good but I lost one the Saturday after Christmas. I was out feeding them and this one chicken just fell over and was twitching and then she was gone just like that. The vet said it was probably just a seizure and not to worry but she is coming out to see the rest of the chickens on Monday just to check.

I have not been on here a lot lately just because having everyone around for the holidays has made me want to be with them. Next week I go back to school and then with my regular thing going on and everyone else busy I will probably be on here more.

Happy 2010 to you all and God Bless you!



  1. Magen and Family,

    A Very Happy New Year to you and all. I know you will have a busy year but a very gratifying one with the birth of your children and all that goes with it.

    I am so happy your mom has learned to accept your decision for your life style. I know it will help to ease her mind that you are well and happy.

    I am so happy that Macy is coming along and accepting her environment and willing to go forward from here. I wish her all the best.

    I'm sure Christie will add to the family after she has a chance to settle down when tax time is over. Maybe it is good that she is waiting because it gives her body more time to heal after last years tramatic loss. My prayer are with her as well as with you, Macy and the family.

    Have a great year and God Bless you all with all he has instore for you.


  2. Happy New Year!!!
    I'm happy you and your mom are on the mend.
    I also hope Macy gets preggo soon. That would be nice for you guys to enjoy pregnancy together. Are you taking a break from school? I only ask because some people go on bed rest with multiples towards the end of their pregnancy's. I'm not sure if you adressed it before.
    I'm glad you had a nice holiday :)
    p.s. If you hear of any muslim women wanting to marry into a polygamous family please send them my way haha :)

  3. Happy New Year! Megan

    It's been a while since we've chatted, but know I think of you often. I'm so happy everything’s going good for you and your little new comer on the way. Although I don't have any children, I do imagine it could be very scary at times. What a beautiful, wonderful experience you're about to have, giving birth and being a new mommy. It makes me smile.

    I'm glad the rest of your chickens are OK. Do you sometimes feel about the chickens the way some people feel about their pet cats and dogs or is it different since chickens are edible? I was just curious. I like knowing about your life in polygamy; it's a bit different than Muslims, but all so very interesting. I'm going to stay in touch, as we're all awaiting the arrival of your little one. :-)