Friday, January 29, 2010

February 2010 National Geographic

Has anyone seen this? The front page is about polygamy with the FLDS. I was given this to read by a friend of mine and now I can see why so many people ask if we are FLDS. There is so much in common that it is crazy.

Steve told me that the church borrowed a lot from the Mormons on how to do polygamy since they were doing it for a long time and he says a lot of it makes sense. Some of the the things that we do are like putting wives with other families sometimes but it is not without their saying something about it. Macy could have said no to being with us if she wanted. We do not have any prophets and the pastors are prohibited from doing a lot of things so they don't have too much power.

The thing that I saw in the magazine that was so us was how each wife has something she does that makes her special in the family and that is the same with us. We are all supposed to do something special so we have a special place in the family. Maybe that helps with the jealousy problem because I don't know of too much jealousy.

One thing we don't do is to get the boys to leave. Boys usually got to college or something and then they can stay in the church or leave if they want and no one has ever said anything about any boys having to leave.

The dresses are not required but everyone (women) wears dresses for church and some families do it at home too. Shari agreed to stop requiring this and I am grateful for that because working in the yard in a dress is not always easy and in the summer I don't want to wear a dress all the time. We just wear regular dresses and not prarie dresses. The magazine did not say why prarie dresses are required with the FLDS. Anyone know why they can't just wear plain old modest dresses?

We allow televisions but computers and cell phones are sort of shunned. I still don't understand that but it is nice to not have the TV on all the time and I don't think the FLDS are really missing anything by not having TV. Maybe that is a good idea not to have TV.

I found out that we also borrow from the Muslims. We have a rule about hospitality that you are not supposed to accept or give hospitality with someone you don't like because it is a kind of a lie. That makes a lot of sense to me. And we are also expected to protect anyone we have in our house as a guest. For us that means if someone visits and gets sick we take care of them until they are well and we don't just send them home or if their car breaks down at our house we help them and don't just call the tow truck. That makes sense too.

Time for school. Go look at that magazine! It is a good story and it looks like it is really fair to the FLDS.


  1. very interesting article, glad you posted it. i think not having Tv is good too, me and my boyfriend don't have Cable even though we do have a TV. i don't have a cell phone anymore though and it been really nice. i think people spend to much time on the internet, with cell phones and watching tv anyway. if i could live without the internet at home i probably would give it a try, but my boyfriend needs it for work and i need it for school, so maybe sometime in the future.

  2. "I found out that we also borrow from the Muslims. We have a rule about hospitality that you are not supposed to accept or give hospitality with someone you don't like because it is a kind of a lie."

    Hmmm. Indeed, that idea must have been borrowed from Islam, because it definitely wasn't borrowed from Christianty.

  3. here did you get that idea about Muslim hospitality!!... show me proof of what you siad??!!

    @Mavis.. grow up.. there is no need for cheap shots..

  4. Just because a good idea isn't Christian doesn't make it wrong. I asked about it and was told that it was a Muslim thing that fits with Christianity and that it is a good idea. It makes sense to me so I think it is a good idea. Maybe someone who is Muslim could tell where this comes from?