Monday, January 25, 2010

20 answers

I need to answer the questions from the other day so here goes.

charmed said... is everyone adjusting to having a 4th wife?

I guess so far it isn't a big deal because Macy fit in pretty good anyway. A lot of the time it is like nothing changed so it's easy to say she is fitting in. there enough room for everyone and all the potential children that could come from steve having 4 wives.

I think so. We have some rooms that are being used for other things right now that can be made into bedrooms if we have to do that.

3.does Macy have a job or does she just help out with the kids and around the house?

Macy helps around the house and that is what she wants to do.

4. have you picked names for your babies yet?

I am naming one of them Patricia for Shari's mom and the other I don't know yet. I am thinking maybe Renee or Leah but I am not sure yet. do your church feel about non-religous poly people

I don't really ever hear much said about non-religious poly people. I know there are a lot more of them around than there are religious poly people and no one seems to care about them. People just seem to get all upset if you're poly and religious but if you are not religious and you want to be poly it seems like that is okay.

Fallen Star said...
How does Macy's former family (I think the husband was named Paul) feel about Macy being with your family now?

I don't know. Peter and Lisa left the church after they moved away and I don't know any more than that.

How does your Pastor feel about Macy being with your family now, since she left the old family?

It was his idea for her to be here and he brought her here so he must be okay with it.

Joe said...
I would like to ask about the practical, daily religious life of your family.
1. You've talked about how your church works by meeting at various members' houses, but do you have any type of daily worship or instructional program for the children led by Steve or the wives?

We have a prayer time at dinner and then every Friday night we have family time and we will watch a movie or something and sometimes we will talk about the Bible after that. It's not like being religious is all we do. Mostly it is just regular stuff going on like anyone else would have going on.

2. Do you plan to send them to public school or home-school?

I want to home-school just like Shari did with her girls. If I can pay for it it would be nice to have them go to a private or Christian high school when the time comes.

3. Is Steve more of a "head of the household" type, or is your family more egalitarian? How would you describe his leadership (or just what kind of person he is) in the home to the wives and the children?

In most things Steve is in charge but then in some things he isn't. He is supposed to make decisions about a lot of things but then when it is really big then everyone has to agree to it like adding a wife or moving somewhere else. Mostly we all go along with him because he makes good decisions and not just because he is the man.

Mavis said...
I have another question. Did your church evolve out of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh commune in Oregon? Thanks!

Our church did not have anything to do with that.

Mavis also said a lot in her comment on my other post and the one thing she said I really will agree with.

you really need to grow up

Yes, I do.


  1. Megan,
    Your response to my question was very sweet Megan. We all need to grow up, myself as well. It is process that continues throughout our lives.

  2. its OK Megan everyone needs to grow up some regardless of their age or if they have kids. Everyone makes mistakes, that just means you are human.