Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Sunday!

The weather here is rainy but at least it is warmer and we don't have any snow left in the yard. The heater is off in the chicken coop. Last week it was just so cold that I didn't want them to be cold so I had the heater on and the chickens all mostly stayed inside all day. Someone asked how many chickens I have now and I guess it is around 90 or so. I know there were some sick chickens that Steve took care of but all of the rest are doing fine.

I'm about four months along now. The babies are moving and I am starting to feel it. It's not like the easiest thing to notice but I do feel it sometimes and it is just weird to feel something moving inside me. I've had a couple nosebleeds and the OB says this is normal and okay but to use a sinus rinse to keep things moist. The morning sickness is totally gone, my boobs are not sore anymore, but now my feet hurt especially if I am standing up a lot. It is easier than it was a couple weeks ago. I'm also not as emotional and that is good news for everyone!

Macy is doing fine. She has a blog she does for her friends and she also does Facebook and MySpace but won't be making any of it public like I did. Don't bother asking me about it because the answer is already no. (-:

Steve landed a big contract for construction and this was really good news. He is off right now because of the weather but did not have much set for next year and how he does. The one problem is the job will be about 200 miles away so he will be staying down there a lot and then coming back when he can. This will go on for almost all next year.

Christie and Shari are doing a lot of baking right now. We had put up a lot of frozen berries in the summer and fall and now they are coming out to be made into pies. I'm helping some with the pie crusts but mostly I just stay out of the way because Shari and Christie really have this down like a pie factory.

Stephanie (Stevie) and her husband are doing really good and we had them over last night for dinner. After dinner the men went out to the barn to do something and Stevie told us about things. She's really happy and this is what she wanted in a very big way. She is looking forward to being a mom and is really happy for me having the twins.

School is going along well. We start a new series of classes tomorrow and that will be fun. I have to pick up some new cook ware at school tomorrow and I also get more knives for the new classes. I am seriously loving the knives! It is so cool to have a knife so sharp you just let it rest on meat and pull it across and you feel it cut. I never really cared before how sharp a knife was but now I am all about it. I got the whetstone out at home to sharpen all our kitchen knives and it was kind of fun to see the difference with each knife.

My morning class this time around is cake decorating and it will be a lot of fun. Each week we have to do a new cake for our project and we have to explain all of what we do in front of the class. The best part is then we get to take the cake home! Yay!

LOL speaking of cake and yummy things I am up almost 15 pounds. I don't think I will be wearing a bikini at the beach anytime soon!

Time to go. We are going to a Christmas concert in Vallejo where one of the families in our church is singing in a choir with their other church (they do both churches). It will be fun and we are going in two cars and I am going to some of the driving so that will be cool.

Have a wondeful week!


  1. I'm sad we won't get to read Macy, but I completely understand. I've been getting plenty of bitchy notes on my blog lately.Sooo frustrating.How far along is Stevie? I can cook my butt off but I suck at decorating cakes :) haha

  2. Get foot rubs, it'll help tons and they feel so good.

    Congrats again and again on those twins. Good luck.

    Also, Congrats to Macy on finding where she belongs. How does her former family feel about her being with your family now?


  3. 'LOL speaking of cake and yummy things I am up almost 15 pounds. I don't think I will be wearing a bikini at the beach anytime soon!'

    Aaahhh...but in my local water park (Soak City), you'll see many pregnant women wear bikinis and don't seem to mind that.

    It's nice to have friends who can share the same life experiences together, but a real friend enjoys you being happy & content on becoming a first-time mom.

    And here's a cookie from me (I made some sugar cookies tonite) while my family comes over to my place. I was at Mom's on Christmas day. +

  4. Congrats on the twins! I haven't commented in several months but I try to keep up with your blog every now and then because your story is so fascinating. I think love can come in all forms and it's stupid for people to try and regulate it in the ways that they have. With the new year coming up, on Jan 1st of this past year, did you ever think you'd be where you are at the end of this year?

    Good luck with the pregnancy, the new sister wife and everything the future brings you in 2010.