Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stayed home today

Christie and Shari and the girls went to go see the King Tut thing in San Francisco today and that meant I had a chance to be home alone so I called in and took the day off from school. I told Christie and Shari and Steve first and they were okay with it. Steve says he will come by to see me around lunch time, too. Yay!

It is cooler today and I am doing the shorts and tank top since no one is around. It is nice to just have the house so quiet sometimes. Shari made an apple strudel and I am having some with some coffee and sitting in the kitchen with the windows open. It is so nice to feel the cool air. I love fall and winter and they are my favorite seasons. The cool air and the smell of fireplaces and good cooking is something that makes me just feel so peaceful. Spring comes along and I love the flowers but it means that people are starting to get busy for the summer and then summer comes along and it is hot and noisy. So fall and winter are my favorite times.

This will be my first fall and winter here. I am looking forward to it and I am starting to plan for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It will be nice to be able to do some of the cooking and to do it really good.

Shari is letting up on the dress code a bit. She says she will be okay with us wearing sweats around the house when the weather gets cold and I am liking that. Sweats and pajamas are my favorite things to wear just because I love being all cuddly especially when it is cold. That is so weird I know that I love cold weather but the part I love the most is being warm when it is cold!

My private blog is REALLY private! I can't read it!! I had to use Firefox to see it because internet Explorer won't let me see what I wrote. It is something with cookies but Firefox doesn't have that problem so I guess I will just use Firefox more.

One of the people on this blog says she sent $200 to Jaycee Dugard and that is really great! Thank you!

They are going to tear down that house she was in and that is a good thing. Places like that are just evil and they will just bring evil people by to see them. It is best to tear it down and build something new there or maybe just leave it empty for a few years to let the memories die.

I looked at that house on Google maps and the scary thing is the pictures show the creep driving behind the Google camera car that took the street view pictures!! One of the people at school talked about it and it creeped me out when I saw it.

What makes me feel so bad about Jaycee is that this could have happened to anyone. She didn't do anything to deserve that she was just going to school and this evil bastard stole her and did what he did. We're suppose to forgive people for things like this but I guess I would feel better forgiving him after he was dead. As long as he is alive he will be dangerous and there is no cure for evil like what he has.

That makes me think of something. I moved here and really had not a lot to do with the world and now with school am I sort of back in it and halfway not in it. It is like I have two lives now. One at home and one at school. At school I am hearing music and news you don't hear about at home and I am sort of happy to be involved in it but then it takes away from my peace because these things are on my mind.

Shari says we can hear too much news sometimes and maybe that is right. Maybe when school is over and I settle back into my home life things will be more peaceful.

I am going to go play with my chickens now and maybe will write some more later on.

Apple strudel and coffee!

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  1. yeah i tend to avoid the news for that reason, its almost always bad, one tragedy after another, and i get really tired of it. its hard to avoid now b/c where i work they always have the new playing in the mornings when we are on break.