Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sad news

My friend Macy has ended her marriage to Peter and Lisa and is living with us for now. That does NOT mean she will be a 4th wife in this house it just means she is staying here because we have room and because we care about her.
I seriously do not know everything that happened but I do know she was really upset by what happened and she was really happy to be moving in here. Pastor Jeff helped her move out so I know he supported her decision to leave so she must have had a good reason. Maybe she will tell me all about it some time but right now I am just happy to see her having some peace.
Shari told me she has seen it in the past where someone joins a family and then decides that they made a bad decision and decided to leave so this is not something all that new. It does make me see why people were really worried about me staying here. I guess you just don't know if it will work out until you try it.

School is going along just fine. I am doing a catering job with some friends on Saturday so that should be fun. It is a wedding at a country club. I wish I could say I was doing something really cool but all I will be doing is finishing plates before they are served and that just means adding garnish and sauce and cleaning the edges if they need it. It is still fun to do something different and to get to go to a country club.

It is officially fall now but it is still in the 100's here and it would be nice if the weather would cool down. It will be nice to have it cool in the house and the yard.

The chickens are doing great and are making enough eggs that the egg business is now making money! A organic slow food group buys my eggs for $3 a dozen and they buy any eggs I give them. It is pretty cool to think the chickens support themselves!

Hate to say but I have to go. It is really busy on the road with school back in and so I have to leave earlier anymore to get to school myself.

Welcome to Fall!


  1. The first year of marriage is usually the hardest--it's a huge adjustment (as I'm sure you're aware). Macy is fortunate to have you as a friend & confidante during this difficult time.

    And congratulations on the success of your business ventures (catering and raising chickens). As you can tell from my previous comments, I'm all in favor of us women using our skills (inside & outside the home) to benefit our families and society in general!

  2. I hate it when families fall apart..I'm happy to see she has the support that she needs!


  3. I am so sorry that Macy was unable to handle her new family. It must be a very trying, sad time for all involved. I hope things get worked out for the best, whatever the best may be.

  4. Sorry to hear this. Best of luck to her.

  5. I am so sorry to read this about Macy. It sucks to high hell when families fall apart. I will remember them in my prayers.