Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I think I remember reading that you first made contact with your married family online, correct? Could you say something about how you first started thinking about a plural family as a way of life, before you actually met your Steve-Shari-Christie family?

I did meet my family online. I had joined a poly family site and Christie was the first to send me a invitation to come visit and she was only 40 miles away so I did. I started thinking about having a baby first before I started thinking about poly and I guess I am not so into the idea of being a working mom so I wanted to be a stay at home mom. When the FLDS people got raided and I heard all about them and then saw them in interviews I decided I liked the idea of poly because it meant a woman was not alone in the house with her husband but she had friends built in to the deal and I started reading about it. I got my computer last Christmas and started looking up stuff on line and found some poly sites and now I am just active on one of them mostly because I don't have time anymore to do a lot on the web.


  1. Thank you very much Megan, for answering my question completely.

  2. I came across your blog unexpectedly but I will be following it from now on. thanks for a really interesting read.