Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am discovering that I love to cook! I never really talked about cooking on here because my cooking was really, really bad. It is weird how you learn all these things that don't seem like they matter and then you are cooking and you remember them and you're all like "YEAH!" and it all makes sense.

On Monday we started with sauces and I know this sounds stupid but I never thought of apple sauce as a sauce! LOL! We got to learn all sorts of different apple sauces and tonight I am going to do an apple sauce with carmelized apples over vanilla ice cream for a dessert.

We will be on sauces in the mornings for two more weeks and in the afternoons we are doing a class on food cost and it is not that boring really.

Things at home are pretty good and just normal for a change. Nothing is really exciting and that is kind of good. Steve is talking about the weather for December to April and how he is off most of the time in those months and I am looking forward to that.

Macy is doing fine with her family and telling me things that I was telling people a few months ago and it is weird to be the one who knows what is going on for a change.

It is about 80 out right now and it is kind of nice to see the summer start to turn into fall. Some of our trees are already dropping leaves. The apples are looking pretty good and should be okay in a month or so.

The comment moderation really cut the number of comments down and for right now I don't mind. It is nice to come on here and it is just peaceful.

That is all for now. I hope your night is as good as mine looks like it will be!

Red and yellow in the leaves promising a new season ahead.

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  1. glad to see you are having fun cooking, makes me feel like i should take some cooking classes.