Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't wait for Thursday!

I am up late and just got done studying for tomorrow. I will be soooooo happy when the book part of school is mostly done and we can start cooking! On Monday we start with sauces and will do sauces for three weeks. There are all sorts of sauces! I didn't know ketchup was a sauce! It will be pretty cool and I get to start using my pans and that will be fun.

It has been really hot here and I was hiding in the basement where it is cool today to do some studying. Went out later on to get in a little swimming time and then it was back to the books! The studying has slowed things down with Steve at night and it is funny watching him pay more attention to Shari and Christie when he can't be with me. I mean I know it is practical if I have to study that he would spend more time with them but he is looking for more than just company and it is kind of cool to see how they sort these things out.

It has been hot and we lost a chicken. Shari thinks the hen was sort of a runt anyway so the heat just made her die sooner. I know they are supposed to be just farm animals but I really care about them all even if I don't have names for all of them. Burying a chicken is not fun.

Macy is doing really well with her new family and was over with her family tonight to go swimming so we got to talk. She says she is settling in to the house and getting used to things. She's having some trouble adjusting to some married things just because it is so new to her but then she is also enjoying a lot of it too so it all balances out.

September 26th will be the big day for Stevie to get married. She is excited about moving out and having a new life and she is also starting to see this as being something really serious. It is funny-weird to see her grow up so fast. Shari said Stevie's mood after announcing the date was "sober" and it took me a bit to get that one. 'Sober' describes it pretty good.

Speaking of sober, a few more days makes five months of marriage for me. It is hard to believe so much time has gone by! It is also hard to believe how much my life has changed in five months. I found a CD with some picture from last year and this is me with a friend drinking mojitos. I know I look happy there but I was really, really miserable and drinking and partying was my way of trying to be happy except it just made things worse.

That's me on the right.

Looking at that picture and then looking at my life now it is hard to believe I used to be that person. All the wedding talk has got me thinking of my wedding and all that changed after that and all of my old life that stopped on that day. It is hard to put into words but leaving that life was the best thing that ever happened to me and looking back at the Megan from a year ago is like looking back at someone who died and you're remembering her. I don't miss that person and I look at that picture and all I see is the sadness that was in my heart back then.

That is enough for tonight.

Hot brandied lemon sauce on raisin pudding.


  1. Sorry that one of your chickens died. I guess I am stupid because I didn't know heat affected chickens like that as long as they had shade and water.. But I guess it does.. My father raises chickens too but I don't think it gets as hot in Kentucky as where you are at. And if it does get that hot he doesn't have to worry I guess because he lives at the neck of the woods, so they have plenty of shade.

    I am glad Macy is doing really well.

    BTW... which girl are you in that picture? the one in the black or the blue dress?

  2. Megan,

    I'm a new reader to your blog. Discovered you/it a couple of days ago from a link on a friend of mine's pro-polygyny site. I'm interested primarily because your writings are allowing me to see the practical, real-life side of polygyny. For several months now, I have sought to defend the practice from a theological standpoint -- both at & -- but theology can only go so far to explain something.

    So I wanted to thank you for opening up that world not just to me but to the whole world here.

  3. Hot brandied lemon sauce on raisin pudding?!
    I LOVE raisin pudding!
    I know what you mean about looking back at that old person. Wait until that old person is 10 years away, like my "old person" is. I'm like "Who was that? That was ME that did all those things?! Wow...such a silly little girl..." lol

    as always, a wonderful blog entry!

  4. Megan,
    Why is it that your face is obscured by the black stripe?
    Why is it that women in your group get married so young, before they complete their education or training?