Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009

It was a long week with a lot going on.

School is going really good. I am making some nice friends at school and last night I worked at a party that one of them was catering. It was a lot of fun and it is something that I'll probably do again sometime.

Christie is trying for a baby again and has been with Steve again and in a way I don't mind because I am wanting to spend more time studying lately. She's really just happy to be loved and it is not so much about the baby thing this time or at least right now. I am not sure how to say this right but it is sort of nice to be close enough to Christie to know that she needed time with Steve and then to see her feel better after and know what I was thinking was right makes me feel good. It's nice to be that close to someone.

Stevie is excited and scared and happy about her wedding next week and I think she is a little crazy that there is nothing to do right now. We are all set to go with everything. The county signed off on her marriage certificate so the legal part is done and the only thing left is the wedding. Her wedding dress is REALLY pretty! Her fiance is taking two weeks off from work for their honeymoon and they will be going to a romantic bed and breakfast in Monterey for three days and then coming home. I'm really excited for her and especially because she and her fiance are so in love! It's really cute to see them together.

Shari is a little sad to see the first of her daughters move out. Lauren is next to go in a few years but she will be going to college. Lauren is getting really serious about wanting to be a doctor and she is really smart so she will probably do really good at it.

The chickens are laying eggs. They started laying a little in the last couple weeks but now they are all going at it and we are getting about 4 dozen a day. It is a lot of eggs and I am selling the extra eggs to the neighbors for now. There is a 'slow food' thing in Roseville that wants organic free range eggs and I am going to be selling the eggs at their place starting next month. They say they will sell them for $4 per dozen and pay me $3 per dozen. At least that will start paying for the chicken feed. The chickens are all on lay crumble now and it comes in 50 pound bags.

Macy is doing better. She is who I was asking prayer for. She was having this "OMG WTF did I do?" thing going on and we let her stay with us for a couple nights before she went back home. Her family is being really good about it and some of the problem is Macy is pretty messed up from her old life and that makes her like a lot of people here so she fits in just fine. I think she will be okay.

The new about Jaycee Dugard was something! It is so stinking scary that something like that could happen for 18 years and only one other time did anyone notice it. I am so praying for her and we sent a check to help her and her daughters and her family.

I hope you all don't mind but I am asking that anyone who can spare some money would send a check to help.

Jaycee Dugard Trust Fund
C/O View Tech Financial Services
P.O. Box 596
Atwood, CA 92811

The man who did this thing sounds so crazy. It is sad that he wasn't crazier so he would have got caught sooner.

I wish there was more I could do.

It is hot and I am thinking it is time to go for a swim. I bought some sunscreen for swimming and Steve is not so happy about it because it put a film on the water in the pool that he had to skim off. So I will just swim for a while and come back in and then maybe go swimming again later tonight.

That is it for right now.

Vanilla ice cream, rum infused blueberry sauce, and a sprig of mint.


  1. I'm so happy school is going so good:)

    Question though: I thought you guys didn't have honeymoons. So why is Stevie going on one?

    I can't believe about the Dugard thing either. How terribly sad:(

  2. Yeah that Dugard thing makes me wanna throw up a little bit when I think about it. How frightening!

    Pools are difficult to maintain...I didn't know that until we got ours at the beginning of the summer... now I want it gone!! lol It's nice to swim but I don't like all the upkeep.

    Man, wow those chickens are earning their keep aren't they lol.

  3. Hi Megan,
    Sorry to hear about Macy. Hope that everything improves for her and the family.
    If I may ask, did you ever have a "OMG - WTF" moment as Macy did, and if so, how did you resolve it ?

  4. Cat whisperer, Yes I had a "WTF am I doing?" moment a few times. The worst was my wedding night. I am mostly passed all of that now and doubts are not on my mind much anymore. I will admit that every month when my period shows up I am probably 90% disappointed and 10% relieved and then the first time I am with Steve after my perioid I am 90% happy about it and 10% scared to death. What is weird is wanting something and being scared of it at the same time. Christie said it is like a roller coaster ride you want to go on and after it is over you are glad you did but while it is happening there are some times you wish you hadn't got on.
    All the women I know here say what settles it is getting pregnant because then it is settled and done. You can't get any more pregnant once you're pregnant. I am coping with it by knowing I want to have a baby and I want to be with Steve so my fears have to get behind my faith that everything will be fine.

  5. Hoping that you are able to have a child at the right time for you, personally and professionally.
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