Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am so sick of explaining things. After this post I am taking a break from this for a while. It isn't fun anymore.

I called the bathtub a 'jacuzzi' just as a name. It is a custom made Kohler K-1158 since we have so many frickin' plumbers reading my blog. I'm taking the pictures down and won't be posting anymore pictures ever again. It is too much hassle. Edit: I took down that whole post.

We have problems and like I said before they are NOTHING to me compared to my old problems. I also said that I like being here because no one yells and there are no fights. I still can't believe how nice this is so anyone who can't believe it is right behind me not believeing it.

One of my friends from here has a private blog and now I see why she did that. Maybe that is what I will do if I come back to this.

Donald, I just saw the comment you wrote on my last post. Thank you.


  1. Megan,

    You don't owe explanations to anyone. We are guests here in your virtual home. People who don't like what you say can stuff it. I enjoy reading your posts and I enjoy your frankness. I am sorry some difficult people are ruining your fun.

  2. Megan, I don't want to tell you what to do but it would be a-okay with me if you told all the assholes to FUCK OFF! But you're a nice person and I know you won't do that so allow me to say GO FUCK YOURSELVES to those halfwits who can't accept the idea that someone on this godforsaken fucking planet is actually happy. You fucking idiots are wondering what Megan's problems are and I can tell you that her problems right this moment consist of YOU. I have really enjoyed reading her blog and it is the best blog I have ever seen. I was pretty rude at first making comments and then I emailed Megan and she was nice to me even though I was rude to her. She is a genuinely nice person and it fucking sucks that there are assholes out there who just can't allow themselves to believe that someone can be happy living her dream.

  3. Hi Megan,
    please, do not get discouraged by anyone and keep writing your blog. People who cannot understand your happiness are probably miserable and jealous of what you have.

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I loved the pictures of your new room and bathroom, they are goregous! Christie has a real talent for interior design!

  4. Gosh, its so annoying how some people are so unhappy with their lives that they believe anyone else that is happy must be lying. To all you unhappy people who want to rain on Megan's parade, go do as Marcus has instructed. I can't believe I'm agreeing with Marcus, LOL.

    Megan, you rock and I'm so happy that you found your fairytale. I enjoy reading your BLogs and hope that all those unhappy Asshats don't chase you away.

    But about your room, I asked the last post, but it might of gotten overlooked. Did you get your patio/porch thingy that you wanted? I hope you did or that it's atleast in the future plans.

    Keep Shining,

  5. I second everything that Heather said!
    You're happy, it's your life - anyone who comments on the blog has to understand that.
    May God continue to bless you <3

  6. i'm sorry people have to be so stupid and small minded. i hope you don't quit writing all together. i really enjoy reading your blog, and find poly relationships facinating. if you do go private i hope you will allow me to continue reading. i understand you not wanting to post any pictures. i liked the ones you posted and was trying to defend you to those idiots that were making stupid acusations.

    if people had actually paid attention and read all your blog posts, pretty much all their questions would have been answered.

    sorry you had to deal with all that.

  7. Am I one of the "offending people?" If so, I'm very sorry. I just found Megan's blog and thought it was interesting, I didn't mean to start a firestorm. I want read or post or anything anymore an just leave it to yall.

    Sorry if I came off as a bitch, if that's the case.

    Anyway, sorry if I upset anyone, bye.

  8. Megan,
    I think your idea of making your blog a private blog is wise. Marriage and family is a private matter, and discussing it online with everyone is asking for trouble. It is not quite true that the readers of your blog are guests in your virtual home. In fact everyone is squatting on a huge commons that is owned equally by everyone. By saying what you want to say, then becoming irate when other people do the same just doesn't make sense. Furthermore by talking openly this way suggests actual openness, which in fact is not true (nor should it be, in my opinion.) Actually, you have established a completely idiosyncratic set of rules, and only you know what they are. In addition, I gather your family doesn't mind being talked about on a public blog. I sure would. My advice, make your blog by invitation only.

  9. I hope you will allow me to keep reading your blog as a newly married poly woman I enjoy reading you stuff

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the plumber comment!!! hahaha :)

    That really made my morning!

    I completely completely COMPLETELY agree making your blog private. A blog can be like a diary and it is AWFUL when people misuse that open book. You are ALLOWING people into your life, at least show some respect right?? OR I would put that "must approve comments" on your blog. That way you can filter out the nonesense :P I know, I thought it was UNREAL the drama over a bathtub! hehehe...Seriously, and this is one Polygamist woman to another, some people seem SOO bored in their mono relationship..maybe they should get a sister wife :P

    All in fun and good humor!

    In Love

  11. I am so sorry people are harrassing you. Don't listen to them. I enjoy your blog and I don't want you to stop. It is sad that people feel they need to attack you. This is YOUR BLOG and you have the freedom to write about what you want. I am so sorry people find the need to pick everything you say apart. It ruins it for everyone else.

  12. Megan,
    Whenever people share a piece of themselves it is a gift. You have given us (mostly total strangers) a gift by sharing pieces of your life in your blog. Thank you for that gift. If you choose not to write anymore I understand, but will be sad. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to every new post. I (and many others) will miss it if you decide not to write anymore. But you have to do what is best for you!

    You have offered a unigue positive perspective about polygamy in a world where mostly negative stories are shared. Your life story shows that people can put aside their negative emotions and with a great deal of love and unselfish effort make a happy life for themselves and their family.

    I truly hope that you continue to have a wonderful life full of love and happiness.

  13. I found Megan's blog a few weeks ago when I was thinking of starting my own. Like her I'm in what most would consider a non-traditional marriage and as the housewife of our little trinity I thought having a little blog would be sort of a fun hobby. I was getting excited about starting one but after seeing all the recent negative comments I'm really starting to have second thoughts.

    Being in a poly relationship is DIFFICULT! Esp in those first couple years. I remember when I first joined a marriage being excited half the time and absolutely terrified the rest!

    I think that everyone needs to remember that whether or not you agree with her or anyone in a poly, you have to respect their right to choose how they want to live their life!

    To Megan-

    Stay strong sweetie. I'm sure by now youve learned there are lots of idiots out there. Ive found with the lifestyle you just have to learn to ignore all they naysayers.

  14. Megan, you do what is best for you. If that means shuting us out then so be it. I just hope you will include me in your dission.

    As to those who follow your blog I'm sorry for flying off the handle in protecting Megan but as I said I have known her for longer than this blog and am old enough to be her grandfather. I have been pulling for her to get her life together and now that she has I just want to help her protect that life.

    Megan I'll send you a PM on the old site with my email address if you wish to contact me personally.

  15. To The Other Wife

    The issue is not polygamy - no one has had any condemnation regarding Megan's lifestyle, it was about a few of us asking for clarification on a picture. The negativity rose from those trying to "defend" Megan and those of us who were merely trying to justify the questions raised, so why you state that she was being attacked for her lifestyle is beyond me. There is no proof of that in any of the posts.

    It would not have matter if Megan was mono, poly, gay or purple to me...I still would have been curious as to the picture of the bath tub.

    To those of you who found the broo-haa around the pictures as ridiculous, let me remind you that it was about credibility - it seems there are some who want to minimize that truth (which speaks volumes).

    If most of you are happy to ignore inconsistancies in a person or their story that is your choice, just as it it my choice to question them. I ask questions in order to make informed decisions. Asking a question does not make you rude or mean. It makes you informed and promotes learning.

    Megan - if some of those young ladies who came to visit said or acted in a way that raised an eyebrow as to their real motivation for wanting to see inside your world, would you not have tried to clear up the concerns by asking them questions, in order to protect your church and your lifestyle? Asking for clarification on the picture is no different. I just wanted to understand the explanation and then move forward.

    Thank you for answering the question regarding the picture, Megan. There is something to be said about taking the high road - which Marcus A obviously did not do with his foul and vulgar words - which speaks volumes about him too. Megan, I understand that you have not had a very happy life up until now and that it is easy to slip into that flight or fight mode and react like a cornered animal, but now that you are in a stable and loving home it would serve you better to learn how to handle conflict in a more constructive way.

    Wanting to make your blog private is more or less "running away" from opinions and comments that you might find uncomfortable. Instead of seeing them as a negative use them to your advantage and learn how to address them by standing firm and communication properly (unlike Marcus A). When people use offensive language or their message is charged with anger/hurt the person who they're speaking to does not hear much beyond the first couple of sentences because the negative emotion distracts them. They shut down their hearing skills and usually will be drawn in and then it becomes a peeing contest.

    If one of the communicators takes the high road and remains calm, the negative situation can generally be diffused and effective communication happens.

    Good Luck

  16. if megan wants to make her blog private or stop writing all together b/c of opinions or comments that she is unconfortable with that is her choice and i don't think its "running away". its simply choosing to keep the blog or choosing not to keep it public. its her life and her choice.

    i hope you keep writting even if it is private b/c from my experience keeping a blog/diary(even if for no one else but yourself) is a good way to get things out and you can look back and read it later and see how much things have changed or not, which can be fun. i hope you keep writing one way or another.

  17. You're welcome Megan.

    I didn't (and still don't) want to get into this argument. I was just hoping people might show a little more understanding and respect all round, instead of generating more hostility. Sadly though we're just seeing more of the same — certain commenters telling people to f*** off, calling people 'idiots', etc.

    Proverbs 15:1 says (and I've seen this work in practice):
    'A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.'

    Perhaps if someone had politely asked for clarification about the bathroom photo, and everyone else had waited for Megan to respond in her own time, this wouldn't have blown up like it has.

  18. To ALM-

    If you have a problem with me or whatever, e-mail me. This is Megan's blog and it seems stupid to have an argument through her comment section.

    I've been in a very happy relationship for over two years now and as much as I love it, in my life at least there seems to be a never ending supply of people that view it negatively. Maybe that's made me a little overly defensive about it. I just think we all need to cherish support where we can find it and learn to ignore the people that one way or another are never going to understand or accept us.

    I guess I missed Megan's post about her bathtub or whatever that everyone seems to be angry about. Not sure what the deal was but it seems to me to be like the most ridiculous thing ever. Did people not like the color or something?

  19. Megan, I hope you don't stop writing all together and if you want to make it private, I understand. I enjoy reading your blog and about your life.

  20. i agree the name calling was out of line, and i was guilty of that myself and i'm sorry. i was just thinking the same thing donald just said, that if someone had asked megan nicely and waited for an answer things wouldn't have gotten crazy. it just made me made that people who choose to come here and read her blog would be so mean and basically call her a liar instead of just asking nicely, so i got defensive about it b/c i really like reading megans blog and hope she doesn't stop writing. but i understand. i'm not going to leave any more comments, just wait and see if she come back.

  21. Please don't make it private, even though I'm probably one of the few people who would still be allowed to read it. Just put on your duck feather cape and let the pee roll right off your back lolz. Just because people ask questions or say stupid things doesn't mean you have to respond in any way. In fact, learning to not respond to idiots and fools is a valuable skill in life. T?here are just so many of them around lolz. Hugs! -Keith

  22. your blogging is 2 gud
    if you start giving weightage to comments, your present behaviour looks childish :P

    dont worry about anybody's comments - go on blogging - afterall, you are writing to vent out your feelings - whether anybody reads or not, don't worry - dont give importance others silly comments - take only required comments

  23. Megan, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I think you have a knack for writing. I hope you keep up with writing no matter what form its in. A journal of your own, this blog or a private blog! Writing can definitely be good for the soul! I wish you luck and happiness in your life!

  24. megan, i have enjoyed reading your blog over the last 6 months. your blog has been an amasing transformation of your learning in a new life. i commend you for taking it on as i know from my own experience it is not easy. continue to make choices that are right for you about your blog, if you want to go private then so be it. i send you good luck and happiness in your life.

  25. I have enjoyed reading your blog, I hope you continue. I am usually a lurker on all blogs but from time to time I do post a comment. Anyhow if you do go private please add me.

    I never really seen a problem concerning the bathtub, we didn't get a full view of the bathtub so I just assumed that the jets were on the other side, the side we could't see or that maybe it was one of those gadgets you lay in the bottom of the tub and turn on.

    anyhow it doesn't matter. It isn't a big deal for everyone to blow up over. Instead of people accusing megan of lying you you could have asked her something like "Megan are the jets located on the other side of the tub or is it one of those mats you lay in the bottom of the tub?"

    Anyhow, I enjoy reading you and I really hope you continue to blog.

    Take Care,

  26. I stumbled across this blog a few hours ago and just finished reading all the posts. Megan, thanks a lot for starting this captivating and terrific blog. Please don't make it private as the more polys who get the message out that polygamy isn't such a bad thing for most of them, the more the anti-polygamist bigots will be put on the defensive.

    I'm not a polygamist but absoutely belive that we have the right to choose our personal relationships. Hence, I spend much of my cyber time viciously attacking plyg bigots who hang out at various anti-flds and anti-polygamists blogs.

    Megan, thanks for sharing your life with us.

  27. Leave it to Duane, who lives all across the internet on every polygamy blog he can find to transmute a comment about a bathtub into his favorite rant "the anti-polygamist bigots"

  28. Helene, are you one of them?

  29. Be very careful Duane, they're everywhere.

  30. Hello Megan!

    I have been following your blog since before you were married. As a young married woman, I can relate to you in certain ways. I'm 21, my husband is 21, and we have a 14 month old little boy. If you decide to make your blog private, I hope that you will include me. I haven't felt the need to comment until now. I'm one of those to each his own kind of people so I never try to force my opinion on anyone. I'm very happy that you have found your niche and that life is a little bit sweeter for you.


  31. Okay.
    So I was looking at the argument that started all this. And I was looking at this current blog entry and Megan tells us which tub she has.
    So I went and looked at the tub.
    And, while the tub, even on does NOT look as if it has jets, it is referred to as a whirlpool. Or a bubble massager.
    So? um.
    I feel as if I'm being punished.
    For the actions of other people lol.
    Megan, please don't punish ME! lol I didn't do anything.
    Please come back and write something, anything lol.

    I like to read what you're writing.
    Correction: I LOVE to read what you're writing.

    Y'know, when I write, I don't write about my and my husband's arguments. Sometimes I don't mention him at all when I am mad at him. Does that mean then, that since I do not write about our arguments, that we do not argue? NO! Not at all, man we argue like verbal gladiators because we like to spar.
    But our sparring is, essentially, no one's business. SO...

    It MAY look like a fairytale to us. It MAY look too good to be true. But whatever. WE ALL KNOW how marriage is. Those of us that are married, that is.

    I don't want to be punished lol. I want a readable blog, like I had before.

    PLEASE ignore all comments that are against your vibe.

    Love in Messiah,

  32. Megan, I wish you'd post again and just ignore the ***holes.

  33. This will be my last post, unless Megan requests me to continue.

    To those of you who have:
    accused Megan, harassed Megan, questioned Megan's honesty, integrity or happyness.

    You (and you know who you are and if you are questioning it you must be gilty) must be patting yourselves on your own backs and sitting there in glee thinking "I got her", "I accomplished the task of putting her in her place and shutting her up". Well let me tell you, no you didn't. Megan is stronger than all of you. She's got more integrity in her little finger than you all have in you entire bodies put together. NO matter what Megan decides to do with this blog you won't bet her.

    To those of you who got cought up in this deception and accusations:

    All I can say is shame on you.

    The only posts I have ever posted have been to advise and encourage Megan with her new life. I find it reprehensible that anyone could entertain an idea that Megan is a false person in any way let alone accuse her of it on her own blog.

    The only time I ever veried from this is when I blew up about all this silly nonsence about a tub. I did it because I love her for who she is and happy for her that she has finally found her place and all of you (and you know who you are) do nothing but give her grief. I had enough and could not keep quiet any longer. I know I probably should have left it up to her to fight by herself. I did it just tried to wake people up to how stupid they were getting and to give her support.

    To Megan,
    If I offended you in any way I'm sorry. It was ment in love. This is your life and your theropy and no one has a right to accuse you or question your motives. What ever you deside about this bolg or your life, so be it and God speed in your endeavors. I do pray you will find peace for your life. I know you have found the love you had been searching for.

    If you can find it in your heart to include me in your life I would greatly appreciate it, If not I will understand.

    With Love

  34. What I find ironic and interesting is that the two or three "Detractors" (aka The Tub Nazi's - myself included) never used profanity, never called other posters idiots or ***holes, or made unfounded, nasty accusations, unlike the bulk of "Megan's Saviors", yet we are the "bad people". Go figure.

    I question the logic and level of cognitive ability and maturity of those of you who think that asking questions for clarification equates to jealousy or hate. I imagine going through life with that kind of attitude makes for a difficult one and brings alot of disharmony.

    Many of you sit here and insinuate that I was bent on destroying Megan's happiness or that I was jealous of her because of "my own crappy life".

    It would be just as easy for me to say that there are those here who have such miserable lives that they need to live vicariously through Megan's fairytale. It must be true with all that pleading and begging to be let into Megan's inner sanctum, right? By the way, begging is an act of desperation.

    Do you see how inaccurate and unfair both assertions are?

    Look at how this controversy has escalated because someone was questioned. The behavior here is reflective of what is wrong with this world today. Instead of having a rational discussion the majority has to react with venom and hateful words and negative rhetoric when faced with conflict.

    That speaks volumes for the character of most of you here.

    Not all is lost though. On the bright side Megan' has been allowed the opportunity to see how much support her sharing of her life has generated.

  35. I agree with ALM's post of 1:44, word for word, including the last sentence.

  36. I love Japaneese style too:) I bought one of those cheap and cheesy water fountain things you can buy for $20 from WalMart and put it on my coffee table. I'll think of you now everytime I look at it LOL.

    My mimi has a bathroom like yours...not nice countertops and a lower-grade tub and all...but same design. I sneak in there all the time and enjoy it...I'm sure you love yours too:)

  37. Girlllll, this all boils down to everyone else out there in cyberland lying about everything they say about themselves. Well most of them at least. (; They can't imagine someone actually being honest! Shocking huh!

    I also loved the comment about the everyone being plumbers. I LMAO! hehe (: