Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blank post

I cleared out this post.


  1. Very nice! Gee even the bed cover matches the picture frames on the wall! I have to agree with previous commenters though… I would really like to see photos of the 'glass thing'. :)

    As far as I know, the blog owner is the only one who can completely delete a comment. People can remove their own comment but then it leaves that message, 'This post has been removed by the author.' If this person's comment never made it up, it was probably some kind of technical problem. The first time I try to post or preview it sometimes gives me an error message but I just try again and it works.

    PS. It just happened then… It says 'Your request could not be processed. Please try again.' Anyone else get that?

  2. i've been following your site... juz want to say hi..
    that's a very nice room, you're right saying you are the luckiest girl...

  3. YOUR ROOM IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm totally in a decorating phase right now with our family moving to Germany. I'm going to go for a Southern Country Living thing..Bur the Japanese thing looks fantastic and has me changing my mind!


    Ps. Sending TONS AND TONS of baby dust your way!! Lots of prayers in Jesus Name for your womb to be opened! Remember Hananah!

  4. It happens everytime I post I have to hit the post comment button again after getting the same error message you got, do the little phising "type-the-hard-to-read-letters" and then hit post comment.

    BTW the room looks like it has good energy.

  5. the room looks great, i wish my whole apartment looks as nice as that room and bathroom you have.

  6. Awesome Room! I am very happy for you - I have been following your blog for some time and have a question - Is your husband engaged again? And if so - will he have a wife that does not live with you - I might be getting people confused but I thought Steve was your husband - and you have mentioned Steve's finace several time? Just curious - thanks for sharing what you share.

  7. Beautiful bedroom!!! Just beautiful.

    And Mts511, I think Megan is talking about "Stevie," not Steve. My guess is that Stevie is Steve and Shari's daughter.

  8. That is a BEAUTIFUL room!
    Gee my bedroom kinda looks horrible in comparison.
    I'll never sleep in there again lol.
    Just kidding!
    But yes, it looks very inviting. She cares for you and that's a great thing.

    Gooo baby dust and prayers to the Most High for you to be with child within the year! May His Will be the same! Amen!


  9. Good idea clearing this one out. Gotta be safe.