Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

The most important thing going on right now is Christie doing better with things. She is really depressed about the loss of the baby and we had a memorial service for the baby yesterday and Pastor Jeff said prayers for the baby that we are calling Robert. Christie felt that the baby needed to have a name so we would all remember him. We don't really know if it was a boy but Christie says she felt he was a boy so we are all just saying he was a boy. I can't even begin to say how wonderful the church families have been to Christie in all this. There has been a lot of food given to us and it really did help because no one really cared to keep up with the routine since this happened.

I could keep writing about all of the stuff to do with Christie losing the baby but it really is just all so sad and that really says everything that needs to be said. It is just so sad.

Please forgive me for changing the subject. Thanks.

During my break from writing I lost one of my chickens in the heat but then cool weather came along and all the rest are doing fine. So I have 99 chickens now. It's been hot the last two days so the air conditioner in their coop has been on to keep it around 80 in there. It is under a tree so it is not so hard to keep it cool.

The hot weather means it is swimming time again and even Christie has been out swimming. I try to just cool off during the day and then I do a lot of swimming at night after the sun goes down. It is also hard to get away from chores during the day so swimming at night is kind of my fun time. What is nice sometimes is getting up late at night and swimming and seeing all the stars. I never saw so many stars living in the city and it is like being in the scene at the end of Titanic being in the water and seeing so many stars.

I'm not pregnant and this time I am happy that I am not because it just would be so hard to be happy about it with Christie losing her baby. It will happen in time but I am thankful that it is not this time.

Macy the girl I wrote about visiting a couple families is moving out here July 2 or 3 and will be living with a couple who can't have any kids. She will be with them for a few weeks to see what she thinks and then maybe marry into their family. I am looking forward to having a new friend near by because the couple lives on the other side of the lake near here.

It is near 100 right now and a breeze is starting up so it should cool off soon. I'm going to go check on the chickens and then make sure the horses have water and then it will be swim time by about 7pm. I should check email too. Have a nice night everyone!


  1. My heart goes out to Christie! Although it is easier said then done, time heals ALL wounds and we have a God in Heaven who loves us unconditionally! Nothing is out of God's control! I do have to say you have a wonderful heart to put yourself second for Christie's emotions! One of the things people do not understand about plural marriage..It truly is people that love each other!

    The heat is EVERYWHERE! Seriously, like after 1PM I try and keep my son in doors...It is soo hot! The heat index here was 110 the other day! I'm in the South and that NEVER has happened!

    Side note,
    Do you have an email address, Megan? You don't have to post it here. I can post mine..Basically, I attend a home group church with the leader of Biblical Families and he came across your blog :) He asked me last night if he could speak with your husband or Pastor Jeff via the internet :) I think he was really exciting because His family (him and his two beautiful wives) lived in N. California...and not to mention OTHER Plural Families out there! It really exciting when we find other Christian Plural Families!

    In Love

  2. I understand what she is going through and send her hugs from me. I just lost a little girl at 4 and half month I named her Casey her bio father had nothing to do with me or the pregancy the only person I had was the guy that was going to be her daddy helping me with all of it. She really needs everyone's love and support and it good that you guys are able to gave it. Did she have a D and C is the the surgary you where talking about?

  3. Your sister wife needs all the love you can gave her.

  4. I think everyone is feeling this heat. I hope you and especially Christie are doing okay. No one knows why these things happed. I'm sure she'll start feeling better in a few months when she can start trying again.

    I hope you know now that you are a little relieved to not be pregnant, you will be by next month. :)

    Do you all have a pregnancy rotation worked out? I know some families do and some don't, personally I think only having one at a time can reduce a lot of stress.

  5. I just thought I would add that giving the child a name justifies the pain that is real mostly to the mother. In our homes it is different when most sisterwives act or all as mother's to the families children.