Monday, June 29, 2009

Full throttle love.

It's just after 5am right now and Steve is already out the door to work. Everyone else is asleep still so that gives me some quiet time and here I am.

My friend Erica was asked where Jesus was in her life and that made me think about it too. Where is Jesus in my life? I am sorry to say but I have not written about Jesus or faith or really been a good Christian in any of the blogs I wrote. I am still between this new world of mine and my old world when it comes to faith. The presence of Jesus is pretty clear and if you could be I hope here you would see it too. The way the church family came together when Shari's mom died and the way they came to support Christie when she lost her baby was so unreal to me. One of the men in the church calls it 'full throttle love' and that is three words which describe this but then fall so short of everything that they mean.

You have to stop and think about this and then you get it that this life and these people are so much different and (I will say it) so much better than anyone I have ever known because they are Christians and they really, really believe in Jesus. It shows up with Steve who cares about me in so many little ways that so many husbands never seem to care for their wives. He does some very special things for me becuase he loves me and because he is different from every other man or boy I knew before this. Steve is a Christian. I guess I forgot to stop and think that faith and Jesus are very real here and very real to the people I know.

In this way Jesus is everywhere in my life now. I am still learning about faith and the Bible and it is weird to stop and think that here I am getting all of the good things from Christianity and I am barely giving anything back.

Erica always gives me a lot to think about and today I know I will be thinking about this.

It was 113 here yesterday and the chickens had to come in the house and we put them in the basement until about 10pm last night. This morning I got up and went out and started the ac to keep them cool today before I got Steve's breakfast going. Shari was supposed to come home tonight from Wyoming but she called last night and is going to stay there until Thursday. I hate to say this but when Shari is not here and it is hot the dresses get put away and the shorts and tanks come out. I like the dresses but sometimes it is nice to not have to wear them.

Christie is acting pretty normal again and it is nice to see her back. I know the loss of the baby still bothers her a lot but I missed her being the happy person she is. Stevie's fiance was over her yesterday and it was kind of nice to see him. He is cute and smart and I can see why Stevie loves him. They will be a really cute couple and they will have pretty kids.

5:30 am and time to go water and feed the animals.

Pancakes, fog, and a shared blanket.


  1. Megan said: 'Where is Jesus in my life? I am sorry to say but I have not written about Jesus or faith or really been a good Christian in any of the blogs I wrote. I am still between this new world of mine and my old world when it comes to faith.'

    I loved this post Megan, and I would love to hear more about your growing faith if it's something you can share about in the same down-to-earth way you normally write. After reading this I wanted to encourage you somehow, but I think the best thing I can really say is to keep keeping it real… I'm not just talking about your blog now, but about your relationship with Jesus. Churches already have too many 'actors' — people who work really hard at appearing super-spiritual on the outside — which is kind of crazy when you think about it, since God sees your heart. When you can openly admit that you haven't been a 'good Christian', you're closer to the truth than a religious but self-righteous person. (Luke 18:14)

    Getting to know Jesus is a real journey. I guess I've been at it for around 20 years or so. In that time there have been some amazing experiences I will never forget — tangible experiences of feeling his presence and knowing his love. At other times life is just hard and you wonder where he is. But always, stay real with him. Whatever is on your heart, talk with him about it. Share your heart with him. He understands.

  2. I love reading your posts. They are so different from my life that it's awesome to read about it.

  3. Its nice to see you growing in your life and faith. From the beginning of this blog till now, you have matured alot.

    Anyhow, I do have a question. And you don't have to answer it right away... Just whenever you can. But is the "Dresses" rule just a rule of Shari's? Because it seems that Steve doesn't mind you all wearing shorts and tanks. And this is isn't the first time you all exchanged the dresses for shorts in the absence of Shari.