Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clearing up some things.

There was a question about Macy and I guess I was confusing about that. Macy just visited with my family but is not looking to join us and we are not looking to add anyone. She visited with one family and then wanted to just come see me and have some time with me and then she went to stay with another family. I am pretty sure she will be joining one of the families because she really, really liked everything. She had a very good time at the church meeting and she was raised in a pentecostal family so a lot of what our church does is pretty okay with her and she likes that we do not do a lot of the things that the pentecostal churches do.

Steve is my husband. Stevie is his and Shari's daughter and her real name is Stephanie. I can see how that is confusing because it was for me too. Stevie is engaged to her boyfriend who just bought the house where we had our church meeting last Sunday. Her fiance has a pretty unique name so I won't post it here.

On an earlier post I said somethings about Muslims and what I meant is that those things were about Muslims I know in person or in email. I don't mean to say that all Muslims do or say or believe anything because I only know the Muslims I actually know. Some people posted some stuff saying that I am not suppose to talk about Muslims if I don't know something and that really pissed me off so I took some time before I decided to write back about it.

I will write anything I want. No one is forced to read what I write and no one will tell me what I can or can't write. I don't mind comments but don't anyone think you can tell me what to do. I have had enough of that in my life and it all ended when I turned 18.

If anyone wants to correct me on stuff or ask me something or maybe even post some good information about something I might be wrong on that is fine with me. Just don't tell me what to do or I will tell you where to go and what to do with yourself when you get there. (-:

Happy Thoughts:

I got to try my new bathtub yesterday and it was dreamy! It was so nice to be deep in the water and just have my head out. I tried the jacuzzi thing and it was nice and not too noisy but it was nicer to just sit in the quiet water. Shari tried it after me and she said it was wonderful! Christie paid for it and can't use it until after her baby comes and she said that was okay.

My first night in my room was nice and I have not really been alone because I have been taking care of Eric or Emmy every night. Lauren wanted to sleep with me last night in the new bed and so I said okay and that was pretty good because she did Emmy's diapers and bottle last night and let me sleep and that was great! I have been up a LOT this week with Emmy especially just because she isn't sleeping all through the night yet.

The chickens are almost all feathers now and most have some down on their heads still. Every one of them is doing fine and I am very thankful for that. It has been nice that we have not had any hot weather really so they have not been stressed. I think I said we moved them out to the coop because the basement was getting kind of smelly and they seem to be happier out there. Steve says we might have to fence in a larger area for them as they get bigger.

My culinary classes start in August and I will be doing them four days a week. You do one subject at a time for two or three weeks and then move on to the next one so it does not look like it will be boring. A set of pans and knives is part of the class and I get to keep them when I am done and it will be nice to have my very own kitchen things. Steve is going to let me use a company pick up truck for going to school so we won't have to get me a car or make someone drive me to school all the time.

I guess I don't know what else to write about right now so that is all for today!


  1. wow..ive been reading your blog and found it very interesting. ive never commented before but when i read this.

    "Just don't tell me what to do or I will tell you where to go and what to do with yourself when you get there. (-:"

    i was a bit taken aback...people may have stopped telling you what to do at 18 but i very much envisioned one of my teenagers stomping around saying the very words you just used...i have no idea how old you are now but that was very much what a teenager or younger would say.

    i dont know what others said to you to make you go into a tirade like that but when you have a blog youre going to have comments you dont like.

  2. Just curious why you say that Christie can't use the tub until after the baby comes?

  3. Oh I don't know Jana — I laughed myself silly when I read Megan's comment. I think Megan's point might have been the flip side of what you're saying… When you read someone else's blog you're going to read comments you don't like! You forgot to quote the line before, where she said she was open to correction by her readers… just not censorship.

    I can't speak for anyone else, but one thing I love about Megan's writing is her frankness. I watched a video last night where some Christian men were discussing the whole topic of men being unable to openly express their emotions, and how they had personally overcome this. But the whole time they were talking about their experiences in this obscure, impassive kind of way, and I was thinking… where is all the emotion they're talking about being in touch with?! :)

  4. I love your room and bathroom! Chrisie and her friend did a wonderful job of creating the perfect enviroment. I'm willing to bet you'll love the shower once you start using it too. We have one similar and found it easier to wipe the glass down with either a towel or a squeeze after every use. We have really hard water at the lake house and I've never had to use anything stronger than vinegar to disinfect it. (I'm a lazy house keeper and would rather do just about anything to avoid having to do a lot of DEEP cleaning.)

    I was wondering to you have a crib set up in your new room for the babies to use? I like to tuck the babies in with me but not everyone likes doing that.

    It's nice to see you standing up for yourself too. You're an amazing person at any age!

  5. Cristie might not be able to use the tub, cause some doctors advise against using a jacuzzi or spa when pregnant. Usually swimming or cold baths are fine, but Jacuzzis or hot baths are a no no.

  6. Yeah I worked at an indoor gym and we were advised to tell pregnant woman that they shouldn't get in the spa. I think you most definitely should stand up for yourself. This is your blog and you should say what you want.

  7. donald i read all of it. nothing wrong with what she said...could have been said without the foot stomping and pouting.

  8. Hey Megan.

    Y'know, I have my own personal blog on myspace. It's one I don't let many people on (my myspace is private).

    Sometimes people have something to say about what I say. Sometimes people hate my views. My religious lifestyle is different from many people. My life is ruled by scripture and alot of people don't live like that. My views are scripturally based and my opinion i often formed from what I've read in my B I B L E. :-)

    Every once in a while, I have to put a disclaimer out.
    I have to tell people "This is my blog. There are many other like it, but THIS ONE is MINE."
    Then I have to tell them exactly what you said. I will write what I want, when I want, how I want. And if they don't like it, they can go read another blog.
    Because I'm writing moreso for me. Not for other people. My writing is my outlet. My thoughts and beliefs are my own. I'm not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. I may not like certain actions by certain types/groups of people from time to time. I say it. I get it out. I DO get flack from it.
    But I still put my disclaimer out there.
    I think your disclaimer is fine. I think your blog is fine. If you change what you write in order to fit the people your blog will no longer be your blog and it will probably not be very interesting to me any longer, lol. Or others.

    Why do we have to be PC? Let's be real with one another; it's wonderful for all of us to be different and have different outlooks and different views. I respect yours. We should all respect each others'.

    And if we don't have anything nice to say about someone's blog, we shouldn't say anything at all. :-) That's MY opinion. I think if someone has a REAL problem with something said, perhaps that is their chance to go and write their own blog about their dislike.

    WE are here, though, to read about YOU. And your life's journey. And your beliefs.

    So, baby, do you, gurl! Don't let anyone dictate what Megan wants to do! *smile*

    (I WILL say that I have kept a journal or a blog since I was 9 years old and every 10 years there is a completely different DreamGyrl360...when I was 18/19 I was a completely different girl and now, at 29, as a wife and mother and a person who attempts to be righteous and follow the Word of the Most High, it's all just not EVEN the same as back then. If you continue this blog for a long time, it will be wonderful to watch your development.)

    Peace and Love, achoti (Hebrew for Sister),

    Rivka, aka DreamGyrl360

  9. Ok Megan, I am getting confused. With you starting out with fake names then switching to real names then not mentioning the older kids by name till later on I've gotten lost as to whos who. I've noticed others have been confused as well so maybe if you could start with Steve and Shari and their ages and their childern are .... and their ages then add Christie and age and her children and ages then you and your age. That way we could have a better idea of whos who and their ages and where they fit in the family. It also helps to understand who is baby sitting who. I realize annanimity is a factor and will understand if you can't or won't do this but for me and maybe others it sure would help.

    By the way, I am so happy for you to have your own room with bath. It really looks great and Christie did a great job.

    Love you all God Bless