Friday, June 12, 2009

Clearing up MORE stuff!

Okay, I said "I'll tell you where to go..." and put a smile after it. The smile means it was meant to be funny or at least not so serious. I really hope that doesn't need more explaining. I'm not pouting or having a tantrum I'm just saying that I am going to write what I want and no one has to read it.

Yeah the names thing was confusing and especially to ME!!! (and here's that smile thing again!)


Here is everyone.

Steve (44) is Shari's (39) legal husband and when I first met them THEY made a joke and I thought they were the same age for like three months! Stevie/Stephanie (16), Lauren (14), and Hannah (11) are their daughters. Patty was Shari's mom.

Christie (29) is Steve's second wife. Eric (18 months) and Emmy/Emily (3 months) are her son and daughter.

Megan (18) is me. I have 100 chickens. Here it comes....wait for it.... (-:

It's Friday night so I want to go be with everyone and that is all I am writing tonight. I will have some me time tomorrow morning so I might write some more then. Have a nice weekend everyone and don't take me so seriously m'kay? Cause I don't.


  1. How long as Cristie been married to Steve? Not sure if you said this before.

  2. Megan, you didn't tell us the names of all your chickens. I'm confused. :P

  3. Heather, Christie married Steve the day after Thanksgiving in 2006.

  4. Have you ever thought of posting a pic with a sign with the date or something? I'm sorry I'd really like to believe you but the whole idea of an 18yo girl leaving behind everything she knows to move in with a family, marry into that family after a month, and have her new husband probably be older than her own father...well it all seems a little far fetched.

  5. What Megan has done isn't completely far fetched. But that doesn't mean I'm not having some doubts about what is real and what is not. I do not know what posting a pic with a sign and a date would do, that is not a sign of something real or not.

    Am I the ONLY one who has noticed that the bathtub in the picture of the bathroom is NOT a jacuzzi tub.

    Perhaps you could clarify this for us as well Megan?

  6. Well I'm not sure. Obviously I don't have a lot of experience with the whole poly family thing, but the whole thing just seems a little odd. It just seems that everything here is happening insanely fast, but then again that might just be the culture. Not only from her perspective, but would a family really invite a new wife in for what I'm guessing is supposed to be a lifelong commitment after only knowing her for a month?

    Those new room pictures did look a little too perfect to me. Sort of like what I would expect if I was going to a spa for a weekend or something.

    As for the pic thing...just a sort of "this is me right now, not some pictures I found on the internet sort of thing."

  7. Most families do take a larger amount of time when courting someone, but that doesn't mean that some families have not ever rushed into situations. It is not wise.

    But the new room pictures look more like a builder home staged as a model or something along those lines. If you click on the bathroom picture it enlarges. That is not a jacuzzi bathtub. It is also amazing that it was completed in only a few months? Most home additions take far longer and would not be so complete so quickly.

    In the past they don't seem to run the air conditioning when it is hot, yet this room is designer perfect.

  8. The bathtub with out jets is something to consider.

    However, I'm 20 and I don't think it's too far fetched to pick up and move in with a family if its a good fit, especially if they live a distance away.

    I'm considering a family who lives about 800 miles away and if everything goes well and a relationship developes I fully expect to move out there to be with them. It'd be nice if they lived closer or heck, would move to my city so I dont have to uproot my life, but then again, its easier to transfer schools rather than them move their home, business, job, kids and lives out to my area.

    You also have to consider how many young people move in with partners early on in their relationships. I know several girls (not polgamous, but poly) who have met a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and they've moved in together immidiately. I guess it's just the way our younger society does things.

  9. I failed to notice that the pic of the tub was missing jets until PolyLiv mentioned it. I went back and re-read Megan's comments about how she turned the jets on but prefered the sitting in the still water. So, there is no misunderstanding on her saying that it a jaqcuzzi. This does raise an eyebrow as to the authenticity of the pictures.

    Megan, I would encourage you to offer an explanation to the discrepancy in order to retain any credibility and integrity.


  10. I'm glad to see that there are some serious minded adults commenting on this blog, (ALM and Jana) who state what they see and think, not just how huge their warm and fuzzy feelings are. And yes Megan, of course you are free to say whatever you want, no one is stopping you, and you are free to ignore the response of any given commenter, just as you requested of them. Truly, from here forward in life, no one will stand in the way of ignorance, you can have as much of it as you want, it is all free.

  11. maybe she was talking about the jacoozi or whatever being seperate from her tub, i think the bathroom is her personal bathroom and the jacoozi thing is for everyone to use. also maybe the picture was taken just as it was completed before she moved in and made it look like her own.

    there are way crazier things in the world than an 18 yr old girl meeting and moving in with and marriying into a poly family. maybe they all just got along great and they didn't want to pass up the chance to invite her to join b/c she is young and might have met someone else if they had. i honstly don't think its all that far fetched.

  12. As I said, I don't really know how Poly families operate, but I'm sure they're all a little different, and the last thing I would want to do is judge.

    I just came across Megan's blog and after reading the past posts, it all seemed very nice to me and I was glad that she was happy, etc....just some things seemed a little off.

    I can understand her wanting to join what appears to be a loving family, especially coming from her admitted broken family background. I'm just a little surprised that her new family was so quick to accept her. I would just think that they would be more concerned with making sure she's really comfortable and at a stage in her life where she's ready for such a change...not just getting her into marriage and bed as soon as possible.

    I can understand that these days stuff happens faster, but one month from moving in to marriage just seems very very fast.

    No one else finds it a little odd that she's two years older than her new husbands oldest daughter?

    I didn't notice the thing with the tub at first, but it does seem a little off. What did seem strange is that her new room is almost just too perfect. Even the pictures look almost professionally done, not just quick shots taken by a digital camera.

  13. Megan did you get your porch thingy from your room like you wanted? I don't remember if you mentioned it and I'm sure I didn't see any pictures of it.

  14. Also about the Jets in the tub. Some tubs have the Jets only one side, my In-Laws have a tub with the jets on one side only. So maybe she only has the jets on one side.

  15. Megan,

    You do not have to answer any of these people. No matter what you do, you are NOT going to please everyone, nor do you need to clarify yourself or prove anything to anyone. If someone has issues with your blog..they can CHOOSE to stop reading it and go else where. I'm extremely bothered that people would waste thier time on jet pumps and room decor. Yes, all poly families do things differently..ESPECIALLY in the Christian community, because there are not set guidelines or a church to be accountable too..Sometimes, all it takes is a few weeks of courtship..sometimes, it takes longer..Sometimes, some men will date other women behind thier present wives back..some are more forth right..I have met a man that comment on Megan's past blogs who is the BIGGEST hypocrite, bully and judgemental person I have EVER came in contact with (n my opinion, he thinks he is AMAZING in the name of Christ)...My husband is more compassionate and lives more freely in Christ..Everyone is different...I dated my husband for 6weeks before we married in a Las Vegas chapel and I am the LEGAL wife..Everyone is different and everyone has their own set issues and problems to work out...and no, I think age has no factor in a Plural family. Some men choose younger women because they are more can carry his seed and they have many many years before they hit menopause..However, what is ODD is there is a TV show on E! of Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends..ALL are YOUNGER then his oldest child who helps him manage Playboy..Or how about Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore? Aston Kutcher is only five years older then his step daughter...Interesting tidbit for those who choose to condemn Megan, but glorify secular relationships.

    I think people need to relax...It's just a room and a bathtub...


  16. Megan,

    Maybe it's just me but there's something just the slightes bit offensive(yet flattering lol) about someone coming to visit your version of an online diary and then asking you to prove you accounting. One one hand is your life a bit of a fairytale, yeah it is but is it so far fetched that it isn't plausible, I don't think so.

    I'm sure that you'll handle these set of questions with the same grace that you've adressed everything else if you choose answer. But overall I agree with ChristianFundyMom, you don't owe anyone "proof".

  17. A few things...

    Obviously everyone that reads Megan's blog is at least somewhat interested in her. I don't think having an honest discussion about aspects of her life she feels so free about sharing is offensive.

    In regards to Megan's validity, I think it's an important point. If someone that was interested in joining a Poly family came across this blog, it could potentially be very influential on them about the inner workings of a Poly family and whether or not it's something they're interested in pursuing. If everything is true, great, she's offering a very candid look inside her family for the benefit of other people. If everything she says isn't true, well then she's deceiving others...potentially others interested in joining a similar lifestyle...I think this is wrong.

    I think age is very important. Obviously people just happen to fall in love, etc...things can happen quickly. But I think it's important, especially for a young woman entering into a Poly family, not to just feel like a baby factory. Kids are important, everyone agrees to that, but I think they can put a lot of pressure on a younger woman and make her feel very one dimensional.

    It just seems that everything here is very much a fairytale. Sure there have been bumps, but everything just seems a little too perfect. Her fellow wives are always infinitely understanding. Her husband is always warm, compassionate, understanding, and accepting. It always seems that no one is ever angry or pissed off at anyone else. Real relationships just don't work that way, especially a Poly relationship I'm thinking where more people are involved.

    Did anyone notice that she said Christie's children are only 15 months apart, meaning she was pregnant 6 months after giving birth? And apparently only three months after giving birth she's pregnant again? This seems extremely unhealthy! Most doctor's reccomend at a minimum waiting 9-12 months before getting pregnant again. For the sake of the mother and the baby, a woman's body just needs time to recover.

  18. I'm very sorry if I've given anyone the impression that having an honest discussion about the parts of Megan's life that she chooses to share is at all offensive. In fact I do not. What I do find startling is that she's ben asked to validate or find some way to provide proof that she's living *her* life.

    Maybe its just me but has anyone noticed that she's only been married some months. It's not that big of a deal that eveyone seems to get along so well. It's been my experience (with roomates anyway) that it takes a bit of time for the newness to wear off and the comfort level to get to a point that arguments happen. I'm sure that although Megan has a more optimistic outlook in life we'll be hearing about the everyday difficulties in a poly marriage soon enough.

    What does make an impression on me is the responibility that has been placed on her shoulders. If anyone is interested in poly should be able to do a search that includes both the positives and negatives of the lifestyle. That and there are plenty of other blogs that detail the diffulties found in this type of union. Just because Megan has had the good fortune to do her search and fall in love with a wonderful family doesn't mean the she should be given the burden of other young women looking into poly.

  19. From a moral stand point I think Megan does need to clarify the discrepanicies in her life. The Bible does not condone lying.

    Being honest and truthful is an important part of fellowship - which is obviously what's occurring here on Megan's blog through the communication, the forming of relationships (yes, including cyber ones), and the support that many of us who visit here offer.

    If Megan refuses to offer any explanations I suppose I would see it more as a sign of disrespect rather her right to remain silent. I would say that 99% of us who come here have shown a measure of protection regarding Megan's well-being. I for one was gravely concerned about Marcus A's creepy questions regarding her sex life and expressed that here. Others have been very protective and supportive of her as well.

    Out of respect for those who have been supportive I don't see how providing an answer to the question is such an unreasonable thing to offer. Most people who take the 5th amendment under any guise usually do so because they're guilty of something that could implicate them in an immoral/unlawful sitution.

    If Megan does not clear up the confusion then I suppose I would be inclined to believe that Megan is living the life that she says she is, however probably embellishing and enhancing the utopian qualities she has led us to believe exists. In other words her credibility would be destroyed to me.

    For those of you who want to turn a blind eye by encouraging her not to offer any explanation, I must say that I question your morals and objectivity. Do you all want her fairy tale life to be so real that you are willing to throw discernment and accountability out the window? Are you sheeple? Do you allow your children to be exempt from accountability and truthfulness? Do you think that what your Savior would approve of deceit? Would that be something He would do? I would hope the answer to all the questions would be no.

    "The truth will set you free". Why so much resistance to that noble truth regarding a picture of a bath tub?

  20. I guess I would be inclined to ask how would you feel if someone critized your life in something as small as a bathtub...My guess, there is no resistance, probably annoyance..And Megan is simply to busy being a third wife to what seems to be an active family.

    Additionally, I know a second wife who got pregnant 3mos after having her baby boy and she had twins soon following that..A boy and a girl..So it can happen..In fact, I know a man who is DETERMINED to get his wife pregnant 3 MONTHS after she JUST had her baby! And this is a totally different senerio.

    All families are different..

    First off, I don't spend that much time looking into someone's life to see a small detail as a BATH TUB!! Think of how insane that is..Megan has talked about death and very personal things and you want pressure her about a bath tub..Secondly, do not assume because I don't spend my time on a bath tub that I am less righteous in Christ..Goodness, this is insane! But it was only a matter of time, Megan..There are people who will disagree and leave you alone..and then there are people that will DISAGREE and make you defend EVERYTHING about your life..those are the people who will then try and "save" you.

    In Love

  21. Just one correction. I don't "turn a blind eye" or encourage anyone to ignore questions that readers have. Who am I to try to either field or block or monitor any sort of questions. Megan is the author of this blog and so chooses on her own weather to adress any issue. Any dicussion and interaction is part of what makes a blog so interesting. She's addressed so many questions that readers have had so why would this situation be any different?

    One problem though and please correct me if I'm misinterpreting this. My morals and objectivity might be in question because I encourage a blogger to her right to write as she pleases about the life that she is living in her blog without owing tangible proof to reader? Mind you I said providing tangible proof and *not* answering questions. That's a bit far fetched sorry to say. And further on there's a question about children and allowing deciet? I don't see the correlation. Megan's blog is neither a child that needs to be structured or anything the needs me to police.

    If there was anything that I found to be out of line it is the condescending manner that was used to ask if my Savior would approve of deceit. There's an obvious answer to that one which you and I should both know.

    I actually look forward to the answers that Megan provides, they are valid questions and I wanted to see them adressed. And I hate to repeat mself but again I didn't want her to ignore questions or anything of the like and the implications that it is either or, either you have to want the answers or want the ignorence of believing in a fairytale, is not a valid one. I think that in this case a simple supporting statement was blown out of proportion and then riddled with, and excuse me this in just my personal opinion, outrageous and ridiculous statements.

  22. I'm sorry but I think that in starting a blog there is a responsibility on the part of the writer to be honest with his or her readers. I don't really see how anyone can argue against this.

    A number of people, not just myself, have brought up a number of issues that they found questionable (the inconsistencies with her jacuzzi being only one). I don't think it's out of line, or would be too much of a burden on her behalf, to post a few more pictures of her shower/tub. I don't see how this would violate her privacy and would probably aleviate a number of reader concerns.

    In regards to the pregnancy...

    Obviously you can get pregnant that soon after giving birth. My own kids are only about 16 months apart, so obviously I didn't wait a full year.I was young and didn't really know any better yet.
    My point is that it's very unhealthy potentially for the mother and baby. Steve and Christie seem to be pretty levelheaded people. I'm just surprised that they wouldn't wait. Having kids that quickly while knowing about the potential risks seems irresponsible to me.

  23. wow people sure do get upset about a lot of little things that don't really concern them. its just a bathtub. i don't think the pictures look professional. there isn't a whole lot of light. i think if a professional photographer took the pictures there would be more light to show the details better.

  24. I am only going to say this once, for the cheep seats.

    I have known meganc for longer than this blog and I can say she didn't just jump into this. She spent a lot of time reserching before she made the jump. So DON'T EVEN JUDGE HER for just jumping into this marrage.

    Megan, THIS IS YOUR BLOG! As far as I know Oboma or anyone else has, as yet, not trashed that part of the constitution that gives YOU the RIGHT to SAY WHAT YOU WANT ON YOUR OWN BLOG.

    I whole heartedly agree with both of ChristianFundymom's posts. And yet they won't shut up!

    As I see it people like them just want to find fault with ANYTHING someone else says or does so long as it does not fit into THEIR mold. If they see someone else having a better life than them they will do anything to destroy it. They will hound until you knuckle under to their wishes.

    Megan, IGNORE them that critisize you or your new family. They DO NOT DESERVE ANY RESPONCE!

    Say what is in your heart and do not let those who want to put you down or try to call you a lier be DAMNED. As long as you are true to yourself is all that matters. Someone elses opinion is just that and opinion that does not necessarly match with yours. Let them be in their own misery.

    Now, to help you answer the BIG question ---- Is it or is it not a jacussie tub. from the angle the picture is taken you can't tell. The jets would be lower down than could be seen in the picture. Furthermore not all jacussie tubs have jets on the sides. Some have them on the bottom only, some have only a couple of jets. It is all in how it was ordered. So if you say it has jets IT HAS JETS!!! So everyone else can shut up about it! As for the question of the bedroom looking like it was done by a professional. Well duuua IT WAS YOU STUPS. All you have to do is READ what megan wrote not what you want ot read.
    I believe she said that Christie and a PROFESSIONAL DESIGNER designed the room. Like I said because it doesn't fit your mold you have to put it down. IT IS HERS, LET HER HAVE IT AND ENJOY IT TO ITS FULLEST! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Don't let them get to you Megan. Be your self. That is why I and a lot of us follow you here on your bolg.

    May God Give You Peace

  25. Whoa. I was going to stay quiet and just wait for Megan to respond, but there is some serious anger erupting here…

    I think what's getting lost in this argument is the common ground — the love and concern you all have for Megan. Like ALM said, most of us seem to care about Megan and 'have shown a measure of protection regarding [her] well-being'. Some of you are wanting reassurance that the Megan you've come to know and care about is genuine (because it actually hurts to be deceived by someone you care about — yes, even in online relationships), and some of you feel the need to defend her from implications of dishonesty (because you also care about Megan and worry that she will feel hurt by this).

    Guys, why not just let Megan answer for herself? She's done just fine at that in the past.

  26. Dang some of you people are total bitches lolz. Megan is real. Christie is real. Steve is good at knocking up women, and that's a fact.

    Get over it people, nobody owes you a damn thing. Megan doesn't have to explain, justify or even respond in any way to these stupid requests for proof or more info or anything. I mean really, either you want to know how her life is going or you don't, but you sure as hell don't have license to poke and prod and make demands.

    Big Grinning Smilies to each and every one of you!