Tuesday, June 30, 2009

About the dresses

I'm just taking a sec to answer BN's question. The church is really into women looking like women and the different familes all make their own rules about that. Shari is really into the dresses and we all go along with it when she is home and she is okay with us doing our own thing when she is not. The shorts and tank tops is mostly about the heat and just trying to be more comfy than with a dress on. We don't wear boys clothes and we don't wear denim shorts which is a big deal for some reason but we do wear tank tops and girly looking shorts so we still look like girls. Pastor Jeff came over when everyone was gone for Patty's funeral and he had no problem with me and Christie wearing shorts and tanks so I iknow it is okay with the church. I know Steve likes it because I know Steve likes it! (-:

The basic rule seems to be you have to look like a girl is all. Shari likes the dresses partly because keeping covered prevents skin cancer which runs in her family and mine too so it is not bad advice just for safety. I can get really bad sunburns so I mostly swim at night or after the sun goes down like it will in a hour.

And it is cooler today so the chickens are all doing good.

Laughing little girls, bare feet on cool tile, and a cool breeze in the window just before sunrise.


  1. Hi there Megan! :)

    I just today found your blog and I'm so happy to know that the adventure you chose is working out for you! I wish I were so brave when I was 18! I've become so interested in polygamy over the past year (mostly through my love of HBO's "Big Love"), and it's awesome to have another outlet to learn about another form of the lifestyle.

    I look forward to reading everything else you have to share in the future! I wish you the best of luck, all the happiness in the world, and some nice, cool weather (it's been SWELTERING in Kentucky as well)!

  2. I know we are not of the same belief system in scripture but on this point it sounds real similar.

    There is a verse that says a woman should not wear that which pertaineth to a man and a man should not wear that which pertaineth to a woman. But there are pants and shorts that are made specifically with a woman in mind so don't those pertain to women?? And besides when that verse was written weren't men wearing robes anyway? No pants were invented back then. No shorts, either.

    I know with us, I wear long skirts and blouses and cover my head but that is to keep people's focus on The Living God and His Son, and not to have people focusing on my legs (Because I've got some nice ones!) or my chest (because those aren't too shabby, either lol). But it's not because my husband is forcing me to, as some people think.

    It already got to 113 there? Sheesh this is one of the hottest summers in a long time!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hi Megan,

    So happy to hear that you and Christie are feeling better. This heat and all the humidity have just been insane.

    We aren't a very religious family but sometimes I sort of wish we were. I think that so many poly families are religous that sometimes we feel like even more of a minority not being Christian.

    I think part of our issue is that my sister-in-law is very religious and she's doesn't support our lifestyle, which has sort of soured us.

    All the skirts and dresses you wear, are they all ankle length? I can't imagine wearing one in this heat, in fact I don't even think I own one.

    Hope are your chickies are handling this heat alright,