Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shari's mom moves in with us

Shari's mom moved in yesterday. Her broken pelvis/hip is pretty serious and she needs home care so we moved her in to my room yesterday. She seems real nice but is in a lot of pain so I hope to get to know her better when she feels better. For now I just keep out of her room and let Shari do most everything.
That has me and Christie sharing the room that she and Shari usually share. Shari is sleeping with Steve since his room is right next to the guest room which had been my room and is now Nannas' room. It's not so bad because Christie likes to cuddle and that is nice but it is not so easy because Christie is up a lot to feel Emmy or change diapers. It won't last forever because the addition should be done in a few weeks and then I will have my own room again.
Nanna had a surgery and they put in some pins to hold things together so she is supposed to be okay but it might be two or three months. Shari wanted her here because the other option was for Shari to go live with her mom for that time. Nanna was one of the girls from the 1960's who joined the free love commune in Oregon in 1962 or 1963 and she had Shari in 1964. She actually helped get our church going from what was left when the commune broke up in the 1970's. Even with all her pain she was really sweet to me and said that she had heard a lot of good things about me! It will be nice to have her here I think.
Shari said I can have my mom here someday if I need to do that. I don't think that will happen but it is nice to know I can. It's nice to be a part of the family in that way.
I'm taking a break from writing on somethings so I will cut this off here and say good night to everyone!


  1. Poor Nanna, I do hope her recovery goes well. It's wonderful she can be so sweet, even with all that pain. She's in our prayers. It's wonderful that she can come and be with the family.

    M (wafflesandsyrup from sisterwives)

  2. Hi Megan!
    I've read your whole blog tonight it was just so cool and interesting and I think it's wonderful that you have found this family and even if that lifestyle is not one I would like, I am so happy for you that you have found these wonderful people to love and who love you. I hope you don't mind that I'll be keeping up with your blog from now on because I can't wait to hear about when you get pregnant! I've just started writing in my blog but you are free to read it!