Saturday, April 11, 2009

Legal Rights

ALM said:

Since you are not legally recognized as Steve's wife, if something were to happen to him or if he or you decided that you no longer should be a part of the family you have no legal recourse other than child support if you have children with him.

If you go back and read my posts you will see I actually have a lot of rights. Part of being here is I had to meet with the church lawyer and sign somethings that made me a equal partner in everything here so if things came apart I would have some money or if Steve died the other wives could not just kick me out. They would not do that but the church has had problems in other families so they do this to make sure everyone is protected. Being on child support would attract attention from social workers and the church does not want that so there are some strict rules about money and husbands and wives all being equal partners in everything.

The one family that did break up a long time ago this rule made sure the wives and their kids were protected and then those wives ended up joining other familes so they were taken care of. And then like Steve and Shari there parents might move in here someday so we can take care of them and then I have a right to have my mom here someday if I want.

I really do not have anything to worry about.


  1. Megan,

    Thank you for clarifying this for people who haven't read previous posts. It's important for people to understand that poly families can have legal contracts to protect everyone, including their new spouses. I believe it's a moral obligation for husbands to do this for all of their wives. For those of us who are religious; God expects a husband to provide, protect, care for all this wives and children.

    Someday when we are blessed with another wife for the family we will legally protect her as well. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Have a Happy Easter, M (wafflesandsyrup from sisterwives)

  2. Megan, you are very patient with people who are not reading all of your posts. That says a lot of good things about your character.

    I also agree with an earlier comment that your new picture is beautiful! You're a very pretty woman.

    You asked for questions once before so I have a few.

    1. Do you discuss your sex life with your sisterwives?
    2. Now that you've had almost a month of being married how do you like sex? Is it still new to you or are you very comfortable with the experience?
    3. Do you and Steve ever talk about making a baby while you're making love? How does this make you feel?
    4. You got to see Christie give birth and now you are most certainly looking at doing the same thing some day soon and I'm curious about your thoughts on giving birth and becoming a mother.
    5. I've wondered if you have tried suckling the baby you take care of? Would Christie be opposed to you trying this?
    6. Do any other people in the families in your church write about their lives like you do? If so, can you share their websites?
    7. Have any single girlfriends? :-P

  3. That's great that you sat down with a lawyer. I'm curious if all the signatures were witnessed by a notary and then filed at the local court house.

  4. Megan

    Once you become pregnant will Steve pay for the medical bills associated with the pregnancy and birth or will you go on state aid to cover the costs? Also, will Steve add the baby to his health insurance once he/she is born?

  5. Sorry, but I have another question:

    Is he listed as the father on all of his children's birth certificates or only on those children he has with his legally acknowledged wife?


  6. Give Megan a break ALM. While there's nothing wrong with taking some common sense precautions, I find it amusing (or sad — I can't decide) how people think they can insure themselves against all possible misfortune. You can't. The most watertight legal documents and all the money in the world won't ensure your happiness for one thing. When life goes pear-shaped, a person's faith, character and the support of loyal family and friends will be worth more than anything else.

    My wife and I have no 'prenuptial agreement'. We promised to stick together for better or for worse and we meant it. Someone will say, 'Yes, but so did I and our marriage failed anyway.' I'm very sorry to hear that, but I refuse to preempt the failure of our marriage in writing. We have had a couple of very difficult times in our marriage where, to be completely honest, things could have ended in divorce. But even if that happened, I would consider myself accountable to God for how I continued to support my wife and children.

    Megan has taken a risk in joining her new family. Taking risks is part of life! The person who takes no risks isn't really living. You take a small risk every time you sit down on a chair (that it won't break). You take a much larger risk every time you drive somewhere in a car (given the very high number of driving fatalities). What's the solution — stay home every day? Megan has found a happiness that seems to elude most people, because she's taken a risk. How will her life look in 20 years time? Only God knows.

    Megan, I'd encourage you to trust God with your future, as you focus on a closer relationship with Him, your husband and your sister wives. In that, there is more hope than could ever be written into any legal contract.