Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day after Earth Day

I cannot believe there were so many comments on my last post! I'm sorry if I started any arguments between anyone. That's not what I wanted to do.

I guess I have to say a few things.

I don't mind the questions about finances because it is a good thing to ask. Some poly people use welfare to pay for their way and that is wrong. We don't do that.

When I started this blog I made it adult so I could write about sex when I wanted to. Maybe sex is no big deal to some of you but it is to me. Knowing that I am physically connected to my sisterwives by our husband is/was a shock and it made me look at them differently. I know it sounds stupid but I didn't think of them being with Steve I was only really thinking of me being with Steve. It's also that I see them everyday as Shari being so sweet and Christie being my friend and so smart and then to know how they are with Steve made me look at them differently. I talked about this with all of them and we will move on. It's not like this changed my mind or gave me doubts it was just so different for me. After thinking about it a lot I feel closer to Shari and Christie now because we share so much and because all of our children will be connected for the rest of their lives.

I will probably write more about sex in the future and I don't mind the questions because I learn things just from what other people ask me. Sometimes the questions people ask me are answers I have been looking for. If there ever is anything I don't like I will just ignore it.

With the baby factory thing Marcus was right that I was a hypocrite about that. Babies were part of what everyone wanted and we all agreed on that. What really matters now is all the love I get to be blessed with being a part of this family. Being here now I can't imagine why it is impossible for some women to want this too. I think of how much I am loved almost every minute anymore and I wish I could bottle this up and share it with everyone! It is the most wonderful thing in the world to have so much love like this!

The big news right now is that Shari's mom fell down yesterday and broke her pelvis. She went to the hospital and they did surgery and so Shari, Steve, and the girls all went up to see her. They have not called us yet to say what is going on but we should hear from them soon. Me and Christie stayed home to watch things and then Christie wants time with her babies today. I am worried for Shari and her mom but now I have some free time that I am enjoying and it is kind of nice to be in the house and it is quiet with no lunches to make or big chores to do right now.

The weather here is a lot cooler and that made me happier. It is even a little cloudy. When I get done here I will take a swim and it will be fun to have the pool to myself and then just lay out a while.

I'm not going to write much more for now. Maybe I will write more later.


  1. Hi Megan

    You didn't start any arguments. We managed to do that all by ourselves! You actually said, 'I'm not looking for answers…' and we responded by giving you enough advice to sink a block of polystyrene (or rather, to sink a blog by poly-wed-teen — sorry, worst play on words ever, I know!)

    I was about to post again just to say that I hoped all our bickering hasn't put you off sharing openly with us, and then I saw your post and I'm thankful. Despite my misgivings with ALM, I do agree that it's healthy to be honest about your feelings.

    My main issue with all the questioning was that you might feel pressured to share more than you really felt comfortable doing. But I think you've laid that fear to rest by saying, 'If there ever is anything I don't like I will just ignore it.'

    You'll need to forgive us older folk for trying to mother you a bit here. I do believe we mean well!

  2. Hi, Donald!
    I will keep writing what I want because I write for me. I am so surprised that anyone cares what I say enough to get upset over it. It is nice to be cared about and I will look at it that way!

    I just got done posting on another blog where there was a whole big discussion about my blog! I don't think that is fair to the person on that blog to write about me but I guess it is part of how this blog thing all works.

    "poly-wed-teen" was funny! and true! (-:

    Thank you for caring about me being pressured and it is never bad to be cared about even if it is a guy being a mother to me! LOL!

  3. My dear MeganC:
    Please reread the post of tuxedoian again and remember it. He completely hit the nail on the head. No one and improve on that. ALWAYS be honest and true to yourself and talk over your concerns with all concerned and trust the ones you love above all others. Above all be honest to yourself.

    With Love

  4. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. Its so nice to see a family that enjoys polygyny and seems to practice in what I would think is the best way. Its not the lifestyle for me but I see nothing wrongwith it as a lifestyle in general.

    I do have a question about something you posted awhile ago. You were talking about sleeping arrangements and schedules. You mentioned that when one of the women is having her time of the month - she doesn't stay/sleep with Steve that week. I'm kind of wondering why not? I don't have sex with my husband every night - but I still enjoy that time together, sleeping, cuddling, waking up together.


  5. cmpdom67, I reread Tuxedoians post and he was right about things. I'm just being stupid I guess worrying about things I dont need to worry about.

    Meggin, we do have cuddle time with Steve but if one of us is trying to get pregnant and her temp is up then we just are being nice about it is all. Christie tracks her temp and when she is up Shari and me let her sleep with Steve. I am not tracking temps like she is and am just letting nature happen.