Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Sister Wives" people going to jail?

I have had problems with some of the secrecy that we do and I thought it was too much sometimes. Like why can't I give my phone number to a friend? Why can't we trust anyone outside the church without a big deal?


That is why. I don't know what is so wrong about a man having four wives and taking care of them!

Larry King has to take care of SEVEN wives and no one cares. Donald Trump has three wives to take care of.

It's okay for these men to have a bunch of wives in a row and it's okay for Hugh Hefner to have a BUNCH of girls he just has sex with all the time and all that's okay but if they have more than one at the same time that is supposed to be bad?

So why are we wrong and they're right?


  1. I understand about the phone number thing, but maybe if you were able to verify first that your friends were legitimate people then it would be okay to give them information to contact you.
    At least, that generally what I try to do.

  2. I tried to go to the link that you had on here but it didnt work. It could just be my computer though. lol.

    I agree with what you are saying. I dont think that its right that people can romp around with whomever they please (ie: Hugh Hefner) but when consenting adults make a decision to be commited to eachother its suddenly illegal and social unacceptable. It doesnt make sense.

  3. It's because they don't understand the value of a poly relationship in any way.

  4. You are absolutely correct! What they do is wrong and what you do is correct. It is about raising children and the family unit.

  5. wow, I didn't think they could be arrested for it, I guess they take it super seriously in Utah. I was reading about it somewhere yesterday(can't find the link) that the Mormon church had to outlaw polygamy so Utah could become a state(or something like that). In the article you linked to it says cohabitation can be considered illegal too which i think is stupid. they should just let people do what they want as long as no one gets hurt and no one is forced i don't understand why its illegal or punishable by time in jail. he isn't even "legally" married to more than one which wouldn't be legal anyway b/c one would just be considered not valid. if they aren't committing tax fraud or insurance fraud I don't see the big deal. I don't see how putting their family at risk is worth it though. I can understand why you have all the secrecy you do.

  6. That is really dumb. People should mind their own business. I am not poly at all, but it does not threaten me or my life in any way if other people want to live in a different way. At least in poly the man is committed to all his wives, unlike Hugh Hefner. People are dumb. I am sorry.

  7. I agree, it doesn't seem fair that the world accepts it if someone goes from partner to partner having children with little or no responsibility for these children. It's actually celebrated for women to have and raise babies on their own even though research shows that children raised without a strong male figure in their lives are more prone to act out later in life. Yet the mothers and fathers that CHOOSE to be responsible for their families' financial and emotional needs must fear for the safety of their family, due to the insecurity of others.

    In the case of consenting adults, I say live and let live. If the husband is willing to take on the added responsibilities, the wives are completely fine with it, and the children's emotional and financial needs are being met, then who am I to tell anyone how to live. No, I don't understand all of the aspects of the relationship and I am sure most people wouldn't understand many aspects of my monogamous relationship. But I am not meant to, a marriage is a unique and precious relationship between the parties involved, whether there are two, four or ten!

  8. Megan,
    There is a lot of injustice and loss in the world. I realize that the topic of this blog entry is your loss, and therefore you feel strongly about it.

    But the fact that some people have multiple affairs or wives without consequence, while others are denied the legal right to be a co-wife hardly even makes a blip on the victim scale, compared to what others must submit to in life.

    I also take issue with the title of this entry. There is no indication at this time that Kody Brown and his wives are going to jail. Using that language is irresponsible.

    Does the content of this entry mean that you are losing interest in your blog? If so, I understand. I've enjoyed reading it, but everything has a season.

  9. Because "they" are immoral in their actions. Satan would have us to believe that it is okay to get married and divorced as many times as you would like. I feel that there is nothing wrong with the principle of polygamy if it is done in the correct manner (meaning not just for sexual gratification with no real commitment). I am LDS and it is in the history of my church. I completely understand why it was here before and I understand why people do it today. Good luck to you Megan, I love your blog. I live in Auburn, CA and so I am familiar with a lot of the places that you spoke about! I hope that everything is going well for you and your family in your new home. I wish that you wrote more!!

  10. ...Larry King and Donald Trump aren't currently married to ALL of their wives; they're only married to one. The only capacity in which they take care of their wives is probably through alimony.

    You made an excellent point about Hugh Hefner, however - he's such a scumbag.

  11. "They" aren't necessarily "right" but they aren't breaking the law. Kody Brown and his women are. As you've seen with Shari, polygyny hurts women. It hurts them a lot. Do you honestly think it was fair for Shari to invest so much into her relationship with her husband and then have him divide his time, attention, and finances between her and three other women?

    I realize you think polygyny is fine. Generally speaking from wife three on down women are perfectly willing to settle for less than ideal. But in reality polygyny is not a good situation for women or children. When you're really honest with yourself I'm sure you realize it too.