Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alice's questions

Alice is a really sweet lady who needs prayer for a small stroke she had and she also had some questions so I am posting them here:

I was wondering who kills and dresses the chickens when it's time?

Steve does. I can't do it.

Are you thinking of getting any more stock to use for food such as goats & dairy cows, or pigs & cows for their meat?

We are running Angus until the snow comes in. 50 of them are ours and Steve will probably take one for meat pretty soon. I really don't want dairy cows again they are so much work.

With so many females in the home, does everyone tend to use their special talents to improve the atmosphere of the home? (Such as you doing a lot of the cooking and Steve doing the fence repairs and other household improvements.)

Yeah I do a lot of the cooking now and we all have our things to do. Lauren is good with the tractor so she does a lot of the plowing when it needs to be done and she moves the pipes when they need to be moved.

Does the family have a job chart of things that need to be done daily?

No, we just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Everyone knows their thing so you just know you need to do it because everyone else depends on you to do it.

Do you think that Shari's and Steve's girl are possibly depressed? Or maybe they are taking advantage of their mom not being there to encourage them to do their fair share of the responsibilities. (I got the feeling from some of your earlier messages that everyone in the family contributed to the daily care and responsibilities.) I understand that you and the girls feel that Shari abandoned the family.

Yes, they are a little depressed and it is totally okay. They still do their fair share of work but things are just more relaxed now and it's more that things get done because they need to get done and not because someone said to do it.

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  1. Megan,
    I am really enjoying reading all the questions and answers. People are asking questions that I would not have thought to ask.

    Megan, if you are not sure what to write on your blog, have you thought of writing stories, and posting them to your blog?