Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Questions

I just haven't had it in my head to write much lately so I will take questions. Here's the deal: people who are not anonymous all get to ask 20 questions and I will answer them all. Anonymous people I will answer your questions if you're not being mean. It might be a while before I get on here again so be patient with me! Thanks!


  1. Macey pregnant yet? you think there might be another 4th wife sometime in the future?
    3. how is Steve doing? are the Shari's daugthers handling the divorce? are your twins doing :)
    6.have everyone stopped wearing the dresses now that Shari is gone?
    7.what kind of schedule do the you all the wives have with Steve?

    I'll try and think of more later, I'll try not to get to personal though.

  2. Just a few questions:

    --Do you plan to homeschool your children?

    --How do you like your new church?

    --I think it's awesome that you got your chef certification. Does Macy have a skill or trade, or is she going to school?

    --Can Shari's daughters see their mom and Stevie on a regular basis? (This is important to me, because I spent 11 years in a foster home and didn't have contact with my siblings.)

    --Would you prefer for your daughters to be poly, when they're old enough to marry?

  3. 8. What is a typical day like in your house

    9. Do you still talk to your mom, what does she think of your life now?

    10. Do you have a Garden at the new house, like you did at the old one? and a pool?

    11. how many kids do you think you might want/have?

    12. do you use disposable diapers at your house or does anyone use the cloth ones?

    13. do you have any hobbies besides cooking, or regular household stuff?

    ok, I gotta try and think of more.

  4. If you have more children in the future, would you consider allowing your sisterwives to act as a wet nurse rather than use bottles if they were willing?

    How are Shari's daughters reacting to their new twin sisters?

    If your chickens stop laying, will you use them for meat so you know where your food comes from?

    What is your favorite kind of cake to make for your family?

    Would you consider taking up knitting or sewing as hobbies, especially since they could be used as a means of providing clothing for your family?

    What is your favorite dinner to make since taking the cooking classes?


  5. 1. Are you liking sex more now?
    2. Is it still scary when your husband is trying to impregnate you?
    3. Are you looking forward to being pregnant again?
    4. Do you still have regrets about joining a poly family?
    5. Ever think you might leave like Shari did?
    6. If you did would you want to be in another poly family or would you want to have a man of your own?
    7. Is sex satisfying for you? Do you have orgasms and do you ever initiate sex with Steve?
    8. Do you still have other women contact you about joining your church and poly community?
    9. Now that Shari is gone are you wearing sexier clothes around the house?
    10. What's your favorite clothes to wear?
    11. Ever think you will take a regular job?
    12. Are there any movie stars you like? If so, who?
    13. Favorite movie?
    14. If Steve were to introduce you to another 19 year old girl he wanted to make his wife what would you tell her?
    15. Think you might be jealous of a new wife?
    16. What's your favorite pizza?
    17. Does your church allow alcohol?
    18. Do you love Steve? I mean do you love him as a lover?
    19. What do you miss about California?
    20. What do you like about your new home that you didn't have in California?


  6. 14. Do you and Steve, or Steve and the other wives, ever have date nights, like where he takes you out somewhere just the two of you(or them) to spend time alone? or is it pretty much the whole family spending time together most of the time?

    15. Do you dress your girls in matching outfits?

    16. Do you still run like you and Christi were before?

    17. Any regrets about joining your poly family?

    18. What kind of disagreements does your family have(if any) from time to time?

    19. do you ever get upset with your sister wives?

    20. Do you ever feel jealous of your sister wives? and if so how do you deal with it?